You’ve mulled it over, fantasized about it and confirmed with each and every gal in your squad that yes! You totally have what it takes to pull off silver hair. But wait — before taking the plunge and embracing those gray locks, take a second to consider a new coveted hair color. Denim hair is totally taking off, and it looks just as great on everyone as a new pair of jeans. So book your next adventurous dye, ’cause we’ve got 12 swoon-worthy denim hairstyles that prove that in 2016, denim hair is the new silver.

ombre acid wash

1. Balayage Blue: Want just a touch of blue? Add some deep denim hues to light, almost platinum hair. This look is perfect for transitioning your dark roots. (via @bescene)


2. Faded Denim: Pump up the pastel with this ashy blue style, mixed in with some muted purple hues. This tousled look is great for those get-up-and-go days when you just don’t want to mess. (via @dontmagazine)

Dark Wash

3. Sombre Dark Wash: Show off your darker side with this sombre denim color. We especially love the multiple shades of blue, which give the color some extra dimension. (via @guy_tang)


4. Blue Jeans: Go Blue with a capital B by opting for this vibrant cobalt-to-icy-blue ombre effect. Blunt bangs make for a put-together take on a too-cool-to-care hue. (via @zoelondondj)


5. Stonewash: For a more neutral shade bordering on gray, try out a stonewashed denim color. This look is a bit more wearable, especially when it comes time to bust out your summer wardrobe. (via @glamhairbymarie)

double dipped

6. Double Dipped: Double the denim, double the fun! Try out two shades simultaneously — the sharp contrast (especially with those blunt bangs) gives the style some major edge. (via @zoelondondj)

Ombre grey denim

7. Ombre Gray: Torn between two worlds? Embrace both blue and gray with the gentle fade of ombre — thankfully, both colors transition like a dream. (via @bescene)

Blunt Light Wash

8. Blunt Light Wash: Combine your favorite trending styles with this light wash denim and an oh-so-sleek blunt cut (a la Taylor Swift). (via @leather_lace_n_diamond_design)

Soft Blue

9. Purple Denim: Give your denim ‘do a warmer touch by pushing the shade closer to purple. The look will take you to Easter, summer and beyond. (via

Dark Dipped

10. Denim Dipped: The ‘90s are officially back. Along with the zig zag part, dipped hairstyles are the next childhood trend to reinterpret as an adult. (via @essjaycreations)

Silvery Denim

11. Silvery Denim: Not ready to let go of your gorgeous gray? Add a faint hint of blue for a gorgeous ice-queen mystique. (via My Pale Skin)

Pixie Blue

12. Blue Pixie: Long-haired girls don’t get all the fun. Step up your pixie game with a bold pop of classic denim blue. (via @meelesaluna)

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