We’ve all experienced (and enjoyed and devoured) the typical Thanksgiving desserts: pumpkin pie and apple pie are the usual suspects. While they’re undoubtedly delish, they are served year-after-year — and that can get a bit boring. Why not take your Thanksgiving dessert game to the next level by putting a fun spin on traditional Turkey Day sweet treats and transforming them into something truly epic? Pay attention, y’all, cause this is important and could change your dessert game forever.


Dessert *lasagna* is what your Thanksgiving menu needs, but you should consider this imaginative dessert way beyond holiday treats, too. Get creative, think in layers and you’ll soon realize that there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to transforming classic desserts. The best thing (okay, one of the best) things about dessert lasagnas is that the layers can really blend together, so you might even taste flavors that are better than you would with normal pumpkin pie, for example.


We’re already thinking (and drooling) about experimenting with dessert lasagna flavor combos like apple pie, chocolate pie and strawberry brownies — YUM. Your ingredients for each dessert will obviously vary, but you will definitely need a glass baking dish regardless of which treat you choose. Consider using a graham cracker crust or pastry dough for your base and then take it from there. You can add layers of mousse, fruit, cream cheese filling, whipped cream, pumpkin… the list goes on. Top it off with something crunchy like chopped nuts or give it a light dusting of powdered or brown sugar. Oh, and don’t forget about the finishing touch: A healthy drizzle of melted chocolate, caramel or honey. Serve yourself a slice and be prepared to spill your sweet secrets with curious guests ;)

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever made for Thanksgiving? Share below!

(photos via @thespiffycookie + @goldbely + @bruceofscotland)