Your parents always told you to eat your greens — they just didn’t say how. Now that we’re all adults, we know the secret to getting your daily dose is in veggie-packed dessert recipe form. This holiday season, we certainly won’t be skimping on kale, cauliflower or squash. Here are 17 of the sweetest ways to make sure you’re eating lots of one of the most important food groups. And, yes, we do take our medicine wrapped in a cheese ball.


1. Cauliflower Cake With Maple Glazed Bacon and Figs: Salty, sweet and you’re still eating a vegetable! (via Lau Sunday Cooks)


2. Cauliflower Rice Pudding: Rice pudding without the carbs. You def won’t miss the rice (or the carbs). (via Cookies to Kale)


3. Kale, Mint and Dark Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt: This recipe skips the food dye that normally makes mint ice cream green by swapping in a kale substitute, so you can feel really good (and clever) while you eat ice cream. (via Veggie Desserts)


4. Red Velvet Birthday Brownies: Cooked beets add a slightly earthy and delicious flavor to this special occasion brownie. Make it on a regular day and feel special. (via Stone Soup)


5. Gluten-Free Maple Ginger Butternut Squash Tart: This tart is gluten free and has squash in it… which means you can have an extra slice! (via Fearless Dining)


6. Lemon Zucchini Pound Cake: Get your vitamins A, B and C plus a healthy dose of fiber thanks to the zucchini in this cake. (via Urban Bakes)


7. Coconut Kale Cookies: Two of the most popular foods — coconut + kale — team up in this dessert. Dare we call it the new superfood? (via Eat Greens 365)


8. Farmer’s Market Sweet Corn Ice Cream: Sweet corn ice cream makes us want a side of berry pie. Or we could just eat straight from the container. (via Pass the Sushi)


9. Roberta’s Parsley Cake: This bright green cake made with loads of parsley and mint knows how to stand out from a crowd. It also happens to be a great source of vitamin C! (via Food52)


10. Butternut Squash Pudding: Tell your guests about the inspo for this pudding before you tell them about the veggies: Martha Stewart shared the recipe via Ron Suhanosky, of the popular Italian restaurant Sfoglia in New York City. (via Martha Stewart)


11. Blushing Apple Pie: Shailene Woodley isn’t the only one to dress up with beets as a cosmetic — check out this apple pie that uses beets as blush! (via Sift and Whisk)

12. Maple Butternut Squash Panna Cotta: This is the ideal cold-weather and after-dinner dessert: light, silky, smooth and made with roasted squash. (via Heartbeet Kitchen)


13. The Best Carrot Cake: Of course we couldn’t forget this well-known vegetable dessert. You might as well hand out the recipe at your next holiday party. (via Adora’s Box)


14. Three Layer Parsnip Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting: Here’s a recipe that’s similar to carrot cake — yet with more of a nutty, sweet flavor — for a unique alternative. (via The Hungry Hounds)


15. Double Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Bread: Who knew chocolate and zucchini were a match made in dessert heaven? (via Gringalicious)

purple sweet potato chiffon cake 038

16. Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake: Purple potatoes give this cake its natural pastel hue. (via Anncoo Journal)


17. Butternut Squash Pie: For those of us who just aren’t that into pumpkin, but still like to ring in the season with a hearty orange dessert. (via Neurotic Baker)

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