The team over at Hello Giggles knows that no matter how old we get, Disney princesses continue to be a serious force when it comes to our creativity, whether it’s taking inspiration from them for pretty princess dresses or weddings inspired by our favorite tales. That’s why they teamed up with Mexican artist Victoria Rosas to release a genius collaboration only they could dream up — our favorite Disney gals dressed up in iconic red carpet moments from the biggest award shows.


Belle (or B-Lo?) is seen here in the Jennifer Lopez dress that started it all.


Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine can be spotted doing her best Angie side leg.


Merida will never let J. Law live down her 2013 Oscar fall.


Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, we’re sorry that you were stuck with Britney and Justin’s 2001 American Music Awards denim-gone-wrong getup.


Aurora follows Lupita’s lead and nails the whole pearl thing.


Ariel, always game to show a little skin, gives Halle Berry a run for her money.


Pocahontas upgrades to Rihanna’s Swarovski showstopper.


Finally, Snow White as Bjork.

Can you imagine if all of these dresses and viral moments would have happened at one awards show? We’re feeling giddy just thinking about what the morning after would have looked like on our newsfeed. If you love what Rosas has created, head on over to Society6 to purchase one of the prints.

Which Disney darlings do you think Rosas should do next? Tell us in the comments!