In a blogosphere oozing with creative DIY talent, it’s hard to decipher the cream of the crafty crop. Whether you’re reading about DIY wall art, collars, rings or necklaces, we know you’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest projects. To make things easier, we’re sharing our seven favorite super-savvy DIY bloggers creating content unlike anything else you’ve seen.


Oona Balloona: This isn’t your grandma’s sewing blog. Every stitcher knows that sewing is seriously finicky business, but Oona’s bubbly personality and saucy patterns will light you up and keep you laughing as you hem, pin and press your perfect new garment. It’s no surprise that this animated blogger is also a professional actor. In fact, she picked up sewing as a hobby to keep it real after moving to LA from The Big Apple. We love Oona’s “What was I (drink) Thinking?” series, where she openly reveals all those “oopsy” moments where projects don’t go exactly as planned. How do you NOT fall in love with a creative type willing to have a laugh at their own expense?


B Loved Blog: B. Loved is a thorough and elegant lifestyle blog created by a team of 14 authors and two editors, including founder Louise Beuks. Featuring three key areas — Wedding, Lifestyle and Baby B — this smartly curated space is perfect for newlyweds and moms who love a wholesome, minimalist approach to life. Posts like Being a Mindful Mama give moms gentle suggestions for self-care during some of life’s most challenging times. A beautiful beacon for all DIYers, B. Loved reminds readers that authenticity and simplicity are the only two steps needed for a no-fuss homemade life.

Color-Loving Kid Pleaser

And We Play: If you’re a color lover and you’ve got a few kiddos to entertain, then you’ll fall head over heels for Kersey Campbell’s gorgeous and creative DIY blog. Whether she’s crafting Halloween costumes for her son or sharing free DIY printables with her readers (including temp tattoos!), Kersey infuses every post with a ton of fun. Our favorite DIY? Her DIY bubbles valentines, which are sure to inspire giggles. If you can’t get enough, be sure to check out her Instagram for more candy-colored goodness and brilliant DIYs.


Simple As That: Simple as That is a beautiful blog for aspiring photographers and DIY moms who love to elevate the everyday through streamlined lifestyle solutions. Founded by Canadian mom-of-four Rebecca Cooper, this decidedly understated blog specializes in easy printables, quick and healthy family recipes and unique photography tips. As a professional photographer, Rebecca is incredibly adept at tackling the technical and distilling it into breezy, educational blog posts. Her recent post, Capture Beautiful Silhouette Photos with your Phone, gives readers savvy advice for creating silhouette photos. Prepare to replace all your basic family portraits with gorgeous and imaginative photos.


Paper N Stitch Blog: Brittni Mehlhoff launched Paper N Stitch as a way to compile her latest creative inspirations. Seven years later, Brittni is a regular fixture in the DIY blog world, styling shoots for sites like Curbly and traveling across the US to talk about hot handmade topics. That’s precisely what sets Paper N Stitch apart from so many DIYers: Brittni literally shows you how to art direct your DIY blog posts. Brittni proves you don’t need fancy equipment in Making It Work on a Budget, where she pulls back the curtain on all those faux marble-top shots and shows you simple ways to stage a luxurious-looking shot for less.


The Plunge Project: So you got engaged. Now what? That’s exactly the question Nicole Denton tackled in 2010 when she decided to launch The Plunge Project. She’s on a mission to give brides-to-be and newly minted wives a creative resource for taking life’s next big steps. Walking you through every phase of planning with crystal-clear wedding topics (Engagement, Ceremony, Reception, Flowers, Honeymoon), Nicole then offers crafty ways for gals to get the unique wedding of their dreams. Whether you’re a hashtag-hungry bride or a mason jar-loving lady, The Plunge Project has a wedding topic for you.


Cocorosa: Cocorosa is literally a neat little style blog. Tidy tabs and airy aesthetics ensure Chantal van der Meijden’s numerous fashionable offerings are laid out in a clean, accessible manner. From shopping recommendations to style inspirations and DIY tutorials, Chantal seriously covers it all. Remember fashion-girl bloggers’ obsessions with tulle? Chantal nailed it back in August 2014, giving readers her round-up of all the big bloggers and their spin on the poufy princess favorite. Consider Chantal your one-stop blog for distilling the fashion trends taking over the internet.

Who are your fave DIY bloggers? Tell us in the comments below!