75 Chic Necklaces You Can DIY
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75 Chic Necklaces You Can DIY

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a good statement necklace. What we really love about a great piece of jewelry is that it takes any outfit to the next level. So the next time you’re having a lazy-girl day, quell your fashion faux pas fears because a good necklace can fix any fashion emergency, including a jeans-and-oversize-sweater every-day-this-week type of situation. You’ve already learned the secrets of how to layer necklaces like a pro, so DIY a couple of these pieces and get ready to make a powerful fashion statement.

1. Gretchen Jones Necklace: Raid your local hardware store and get ready to redefine the statement necklace. (via Honestly WTF)

2. Neon Braided Necklace DIY: Not so long ago, the humble parachute cord was mostly used for… well, parachute harnesses and survival situations. Today, it’s eye candy. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Bauble Necklaces: We’re totally obsessed with this eye-catching, designer-inspired bauble that you can DIY with hose and some wooden beads. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Ombre Tassel Necklace: What a simple way to infuse a little ombre into your outfits. This is an instant win for girls who love tassels. (via Oh the Lovely Things)

5. Crystal Pendant Necklace: We’re convinced this pendant has magical powers. It looks just as good at the office as it will at your next party. (via Honestly WTF)

6. 4 Ways to Wrangle Rope Into a Statement Necklace: Take a hint from Brit and learn how a piece of rope can become your newest favorite accessory… times four. (via Brit + Co)

7. Tassel Necklace: There’s that friendship bracelet you got in the eighth grade, a ring from your SO and now this tassel necklace that you’ll never want to take off. Tassels are such a tasteful way to make a statement. (via A Pair and a Spare)

8. Chevron + Chain Necklace: It’s time to put on something preppy. We’re always looking for ways to liven up our jewelry collection, and this piece of eye-candy is just perfect. (via Stripes and Sequins)

9. Braided Necklace: This necklace is simple and understated, plus it goes with everything in your closet. (via Art Actually)

10. Kate Spade-Inspired Floral Necklace: This pretty pop ‘o color will give you a dose of just what you need to beat the winter blues. Celebrate your love for spring and all things blooming with this girly Kate Spade-inspired piece. (via Bromelaid)

11. Mega Statement Necklace: This necklace kinda reminds us of a classic piece from our grandmother’s collection. What a great way to jazz up a basic LBD. (via Fall for DIY)

12. Brooch Ribbon Necklace: When you’re feeling the urge to make a fashion splurge, satisfy your craving with this sparkly DIY. Your wallet will thank us later. (via Martha Stewart)

13. Neon Necklace: The inspiration behind this necklace: a $144 Adida Kabur stunner. All you need to make it are two items and around $20. No one will guess you didn’t break the bank. (via The Glitter Guide)

14. Crochet Bib Necklace: Spray paint a piece of fabric crochet to create this swoon-worthy statement necklace. (via In Honor of Design)

15. Drama Necklace: Sometimes all it takes to break out of a style rut is a bit of sparkle. Shake off that slump and get this DIY on. (via Plan B)

16. Dyed Wooden Beads Necklace: We love how these bold beads make such a dramatic, monochromatic statement. Don’t just go for one — pile ’em on. (via Martha Stewart)

17. Flirty Fringe Necklace: Your favorite old tee will still be your favorite wearable after it’s repurposed into a piece of flirty jewelry. Click through to find out how Brit turned three tees into 15 pieces of jewelry. (via Brit + Co)

18. Simple Beaded Necklace: Trends come and go, but some things, like turquoise jewelry, never go out of style. This standby necklace will be your go-to accessory when you need a pop of color. (via A Beautiful Mess)

19. Anthropologie Knockoff Necklace: We love a good Anthropologie knockoff as much as the next DIYer. Why spend all that money on something you can make yourself? (via Flamingo Toes)

20. Pretty Ombre Necklace: Bigger is always better, but that doesn’t mean your jewelry look has to be gaudy. This chic ombre necklace just needs to be seen. (via Refinery 29)

21. Copper Tassel Necklace: We are so inspired by this copper tassel necklace. Make two and string them together for a super-stylish DIY collar. (via Brit + Co)

22. Utility Rope Necklace: Who knew the hardware store could be so fashion-forward? Get stocked up on compression sleeves and utility rope for this next project. (Honestly WTF)

23. Vintage Button Necklace: Recycle some old buttons into a vintage necklace that’s full of charm. Stylish and sustainable — what’s not to love? (via Darby Smart)

24. DIY Floral Necklace: For when you’re over the flower crown, this floral necklace is a stunning way to wear a bouquet. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

25. Silk Bauble Necklaces: Clasp on this neckklace, and you’re sure to stand out. This string of baubles will make one gi-normous fashion statement. (In Honor of Design)

26. Ribbon Wrapped Chain Necklace: Sometimes we like our jewelry big and sparkly, and other times, the occasion calls for understated glam. The best part about this necklace: it’s a great mix ‘n match piece to pair with other necklaces of varying lengths. (via I Spy DIY)

27. Woven Bead Statement Necklace for Under $15: The design of this necklace is simple, yet elegant. And what’s not to love about the price? (via Brit + Co)

28. Bright Chain Jewelry: A pop of color will make any outfit instantly party-worthy. (via I Spy DIY)

29. Bead-iful Statement Necklace: These dainty beads and explosion of color are all your outfit needs to really pop. (via Brit + Co)

30. Ombre Necklace: Got Pistachios? Save the shells. Seriously. This craft is not only inspired by your favorite snack, it’s made from it. (via Creme de la Craft)

31. Geode Statement Jewelry: The best part about this piece is… obviously, the geodes! (via Brit + Co)

32. DIY Paint Chip Necklace: A wearable that combines ombre + chevron has to be at the top of our list of favorites. (via By Wilma)

33. Easiest DIY Statement Necklace EVER: These glossy wooden beads are SO pretty. Only one problem: Now we’re seriously craving gumballs. (via Brit + Co)

34. Knotted Rope Necklace: This is probably the prettiest way to wear a rope. Seriously, it’s knot your average necklace. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it.) (via The Every Girl)

35. Scarf to Statement Necklace: Turns out that scarves are the only accessory you really need. Follow the link to find out how Brit styles it 15 ways, from a skirt to this stunning statement necklace. (via Brit + Co)

36. DIY Felt Gem Necklace: Here’s a wearable craft you can even get the kids in on. (via Handmade Charlotte)

37. Copycat Anthropologie Beaded Necklace: Many of us are plagued with the same problem: expensive tastes and low funds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have that impressive Anthro necklace anyway. DIY is the way to go. (via Brit + Co)

38. Chunky Chain Necklace: Here’s an eye catcher that’s sure to up your accessory game. (via Creme de la Craft)

39. Rope Meet Rhinestone Necklace: Wearing a rope + rhinestone necklace will ensure that you’ll look killer wherever you are headed. (via Brit + Co)

40. Chevron Trio Necklace: This necklace has all of your holiday accessory needs covered. Touch o’ bling? Check. Eye-catching? Check. Budget-approved? Check. (via Studs and Pearls)

41. Statement Gem Necklace: Sick of sparkle yet? We thought not. This piece reminds us of classic Hollywood movies. We can totally imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing a statement necklace this gorgeous. (via A Pair and a Spare)

42. Proenza Schouler Rope Necklace: When you’re craving pina coladas and spring break and just about anything besides heavy winter coats and boots, this bold and colorful wearable is the cure. Wearing this rope necklace is like carrying around sunshine everywhere you go. (via Honestly WTF)

43. Make this $285 Necklace for Under $40: Tribal jewelry is undoubtedly one of the coolest trends, and we’re seriously coveting the look. (via Brit + Co)

44. Geometric Triangle Necklace: Now this is a necklace after our own hearts. What a great way to perfectly complement all your solid tops. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

45. Neon Pyramid Necklace: These geometric jewels are investment-worthy, but lucky for you, your only expense will be straws, gold spray paint and colorful paper. (via Creme de la Craft)

46. Rhinestone Padlock Necklace: Put on the padlock and throw away the key. This is one necklace you’ll never want to take off. (via Studs and Pearls)

47. Sparkling Statement Necklace: Good news: We found that one perfect statement piece you’ve been hunting for, and it is a stunner. (via Brit + Co)

48. Popsicle Stick Necklace: Glue a pretty patterned fabric over some popsicle sticks to customize your own necklace. We think this is pretty clever. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

49. Five Fringe Statement Necklaces In Less Than Five Minutes: Keep every outfit in your wardrobe looking fresh this season with five DIY fringe necklaces. (via Brit + Co)

50. Spiked Pearl Collar Necklace: These are pearls for the edgy girl. We love the contrast of feminine and fierce. (via Studs and Pearls)

51. Double Chain Necklace: Make it a double! These’s no need to limit your accessory game when you’re the maker. (via I Spy DIY)

52. Neon Gemstone Jewelry: It’s time to get your bling on. Those bright jewels just make us smile. (via Brit + Co)

53. Geometric Leather Fringe Necklace: Put some old leather scraps to good use and test your geometry skills with this crafty DIY. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

54. Make a $300 Necklace for Less than $15: We love investing in timeless jewelry pieces, but we like it even more at this price point! (via Brit + Co)

55. Denim Flower Necklace: This feminine necklace looks pretty enough to be in one of those stores you better not set foot in unless you’re armed with a stash of cash. (via Tea Rose Home)

56. A Statement Necklace You Can DIY in 5 Easy Steps: This statement necklace looks so much more expensive than it really is. (via InStyle)

57. Neon Necklace: Get out your fave neon spray paint and go to town. (via A Pair and a Spare)

58. Nautical Rope Necklace: We’re smitten with anything nautical. The mashup of rope and gold chains is a great way to amp it up a bit. (via Creme de la Craft)

59. Geometric Diamond Necklace: Here is the perfect giftable, because diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Who wouldn’t want this big diamond? (via Oh the Lovely Things)

60. Color Block Gem Necklace: Color block naturally exudes a fun, youthful vibe. Just one more reason to love this statement piece. (via I Spy DIY)

61. Knotted Chain Spike Necklace: As much as we crave our eye-catching, over-the-top pieces, sometimes something a little smaller and understated makes the biggest impression. (via Studs and Pearls)

62. Ribbon Necklace: Create this whimsical necklace with a bit of wire, a clasp and ribbon. (via I Spy DIY)

63. Geometric Leather Pendant Necklace: This necklace is the perfect balance of color blocking, geometry and edginess. (via Brit + Co)

64. Jeweled Holiday Rope Necklace: When you’re feeling fancy, layer on this necklace and add some shine to your outfit. (via A Pair and a Spare)

65. Bow Tie Necklace: Trends will come and go, but the bow tie necklace will always be a fun accessory. (via Oh Happy Day)

66. Pom Pom Necklace: It doesn’t get much cuter than pom poms. Layer on a few of these simple strands for a bolder, boho look. (via Honestly WTF)

67. Wear This Versatile Necklace Three Ways: This might just be the most versatile piece of jewelry you’ll ever own. Wear it high or low or wrap it around your wrist when you need some arm candy. (via Hello Natural)

68. Swarovski Gem and Chain Necklace: You need to add this necklace to your collection of holiday party-worthy accessories STAT. (via I Spy DIY)

69. DIY Braided Rope Necklace: Do the braid. You’ll want to wear it every day. (via Lovely Indeed)

70. Clearly Gem Necklace: Between the neon colors and the geometric shapes, we’re totally loving this necklace. (via I Spy DIY)

71. Felt Garland Necklace: Get your garland on. You’ll be officially decked out for any occasion with a necklace this glam. (via Hello Natural)

72. PVC and Rhinestone Necklace: The search for a sparkling statement necklace stops here. You probably never imagined yourself asking a store employee, “Where’s the PVC, please?” but the hardware store is full of jewelry possibilities. (via A Pair and a Spare)

73. Statement Rope Necklace: It’s not every day you get to add a new piece of jewelry to your collection. And it’s not every day that you get to create a piece of jewelry just the way you like it. Play around with rope and a bit of sparkle to come up with a wearable that perfectly reflects your style. (via A Pair and a Spare)

74. Bobby Pin Pendant Necklace: Turns out bobby pins are really, really fun to wear as jewelry. (via Brit + Co)

75. Anthro-Inspired Tassel Necklace: As much as we love fashion and design, we also love comfort and functionality. Which is why we love this necklace that’s so lightweight, you could basically sleep in it. (via The Merry Thought)

We are definitely digging all of these statement pieces! Tell us: Which ones are you dying to DIY?