It’s Saturday night and your big bash is going swimmingly. You’re just going to grab a small plate of appetizers, and then it happens: You lose your drink in the sea of matching glasses, drink stirrers and beverages (hello, signature party cocktail. Thanks a lot.). Fret not! These easy-to-pull-together markers are foolproof. Some you can pull off at a moment’s notice (tape to the rescue!), while others require just a little prep before the party. All are so worth the effort. What are you waiting for? We’re ready for a drink!

1. Chalk It Up: What’s cuter than a mason jar cocktail? Ones with chalkboard paint drink labels. Just wipe and rewrite — it’s as simple as that. (via Modern Weddings Hawaii)

2. Bright + Bold: It’s just too easy. You can download a template for these markers and print ’em off on any color you want! Hello, perfect way to match your party colors. (via How About Orange)

3. Braid Away: It’s a friendship bracelet for your glass! Appropriate, eh? Just twist silk fabric of your choosing into this easy-to-slip-on drink marker. (via A Girl Who Makes)

4. Double Duty Straw: Have you ever seen a straw you’d rather sip on than these two? One tells you which drink is yours and the other is a double duty cocktail sipper and costume. (via Smitten on Paper)

5. Cool Clothespins: Leave a frame of labeled clothespins out for guests (and the bride and groom, obviously) so they can drink all night long with no worries of mixing up beverages. (via Rock My Wedding)

6. Bright Bracelets: Popsicle sticks, a glass of water to act as a mold and chalkboard paint is all you need for these DIY drink “bracelets.” (via Tiny Rotten Peanuts)

7. Peel and Stick: No stem? No problem. An inch of washi tape and a pen partner to create this deceivingly simple style-savvy statement. (Say that five times fast.) (via Jentertaining)

8. Foxy Tags: Nothing’s better than a personalized name tag for a wedding theme. This rugged Wyoming affair upped the ante by using different images of foxes as drink markers. (via Weddbook)

9. Straw Style: Pattern-pretty straws and tape make for a super fast and cute tag. The best part? You can make them ahead of time and let guests grab their straws as they pour their first sip. (via Design Fixation)

10. Tag It: Shipping tags take on a whole new life when updated with sparkly letters (initials for your guests’ names!) and are tied around the stem of a wine glass. You’re welcome. (via DIY Philanthropy)

11. Fringe Fun: These fringe-tastic drink tags step up the fun about 10 notches (trust us, we’re fun authorities). Go for orange, blue or any other color you think will make a statement. (via Squirrelly Minds)

Do you have a trusty set of drink markers or an easy DIY you do when you’re throwing a party? Tell us about ’em in the comments below!