Traditionally called shibori in Japan, the art of dying in indigo is a rising trend thanks to pretty watercolor patterns and dreamy, vibrant color. It’s a dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it and then dyeing it for an infinite variety of patterns. Symbolizing faithfulness, intuition, sincerity and truthfulness, indigo will bring only good vibes to your home. So check out our 21 favorite ways to rock this indigo trend and then go grab some dye!

1. Pleated Effect: The pattern on this scarf was created by pleating the scarf and then wrapping it a couple of times with a rubber band. (via Common Thread)

2. Patterned Napkins: Get inspired by all these gorgeous patterns; we might want to just leave these napkins out on the line for a while to admire them! (via Honestly WTF)

3. DIY Bedsheets and Pillows: This tutorial shows you several techniques on different patterns, including the fun little bubbles on that pillow. (via Dieter Family)

4. Accordion Skirt: The funnest part about dyeing is deciding what pattern to go for; here we used an accordion fold to get relatively even strips of white. (via Brit + Co)

5. Dip Dyed Tassels: Either buy or DIY some big tassels and then just dip in indigo dye for a watery beach look. (via Ernests)

6. Twisted Napkins: This technique called arashi is accomplished by dyeing fabric wrapped around a pole to give you a pretty swirly effect. (via Anthropologie)

7. Dipped Necklace: This necklace is no longer available to buy, but we’re confident if we found the right necklace, we would add it to the dip dye party. (via Fab)

8. DIY Scarf: The “bubbles” along the base of this scarf are created by wrapping the fabric around wooden beads and other found objects! (via Common Thread)

9. Dip Dyed Pillow Cases: We love the coastal feel of the wide indigo bands on these simple pillowcases. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Twisted T-Shirt: It’s a fun idea to take things at a different angle so the stripes are a little askew. (via Common Thread)

11. Dipped and Striped Scarves: Remember you can adjust the color of each project just by changing the length of time it sits in the dye! (via Martha Stewart)

12. Indigo Tote DIY: The colors of this bag makes us want to take it to the beach! (via Tuts Plus)

13. Dyed Sheets: If you’re feeling extra ambitious, why not just dye your whole bed set for a stunning indigo update. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

14. Nautical Napkins: Just because the 4th is over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some stars and stripes action. (via House of Earnest)

15. Indigo Ombre Shoelaces: Maybe you’re not ready to take the full indigo plunge? Why not try this easy little project that uses an indigo ombre. (via Alyssa and Carla)

16. Indigo Dyed Jeans: Rock the trend with these deep blue washed jeans. (via Swell Mayde)

17. White Tops: You might not have many white pieces of clothing left if you really love the shibori look! (via Free People)

18. Indigo Dyed Placemats: These would look amazing on an outdoor patio for a cool summer meal. (via Lovely Indeed)

19. Painted Picnic Blanket: Oh my yes, we can’t wait to unroll this gorgeous blanket at our next picnic in the park! (via Say Yes)

20. Indigo Embroidery Art: Maybe you’d rather present your shibori work as a lovely bit of indigo art. (via Lovely Indeed)

21. Free Shibori Wallpaper: If you still can’t get enough of this blue goodness, here is a free download for your phone! (via Almost Makes Perfect)

Are you inspired to dye your fingers blue with these shibori projects? Let us know in the comments below!