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At Brit + Co, DIY projects are all the rage. Our favorite projects are chunky necklaces, wine tumblers and desk lamps. Your goal is to build a slot machine to award lucky readers with one of these random products. Your solution should be in JavaScript. You may use standard libraries like jQuery, Backbone, and/or Angular. Bonus points for using Backbone and adding some styling.

Your slot machine should have three reels:

- The first reel has a necklace chain, a tumbler bottle, and a lamp wire.

- The second reel has necklace pliers, a tumbler rag, and a lamp switch.

- The third reel has a necklace ribbon, a tumbler knife, and a lamp light bulb.

When a reader pulls the lever (ie. clicks a button), the slot machine starts spinning. Each reel spins and randomly stops on one of the three supplies. If the reader is lucky, the three reels will line up with the correct supplies and be rewarded with the finished product. Your solution should show the reader what product they won. For example, if the reels show necklace chain, necklace pliers, and necklace ribbon, the reader wins a necklace.