Put down that cold-weather cure-all Medicine Ball, you Starbucks secret menu aficionados. Spring has sprung — and our tastes turn to all things icy, fruity, and flowery, like last year’s internet sensation, the Pink Drink. A riff on the popular Strawberry Açai Refresher, the Pink Drink’s added coconut milk and fresh strawberries make it taste just like everyone’s childhood fave Strawberry Nesquik, but it clocks in at just 140 calories. And along with Starbucks’ other pink specialty drinks — including the brand-new Unicorn Frappuccino — the blush color makes any drink an Insta-perfect spring fashion accessory. If you’re craving a “pinkie” right now and can’t get to your nearest Starbucks fast enough, no problemo. Here are 11 pink drink connoisseurs who are breaking down the recipes for the rest of us.

1. Think Pink Drink: Calling for kitchen staples like Lipton Acai Green Tea and frozen strawberries, this recipe puts a pink drink within your grasp at all times. You’re welcome! (via Hungry Girl)

2. Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink: This recipe calls for a homemade strawberry syrup that, when mixed with acai green tea, tastes *just* like the real deal. (via Momtastic)

3. Paleo Starbucks Pink Drink: If you’ve been missing out on Pink Drink madness because some of the ingredients in Starbucks’ coconut milk are a no-go, this DIY version is perfectly Paleo. Taste for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about. (via Plaid & Paleo)

4. Homemade Starbucks Pink Drink: This version is lushly red, thanks to a dozen fresh hulled strawberries. The recipe calls for granulated sugar, but you could easily substitute stevia and it would be lighter, but just as tasty. (via We Are Not Martha)

5. Naturally Sweet DIY Pink Drink: This may just be the *fruitiest* version of the Pink Drink around. It’s sweetened with strawberries, watermelon, and Medjool dates. (via Healthy Happy Life)

6. Homemade Starbucks Pink Drink: If you’re not a fan of coconut milk, this recipe suggests soy or almond milk variations. It’s sweetened with white grape juice — just like the Starbucks original. (via Nutmeg Nanny)

7. Low-Carb Starbucks Pink Drink: Any drink that calls for strawberries — a naturally low-carb fruit — is perfect for keto peeps. This version is sweetened with Erythritol, and it gets an extra flowery zing from the addition of hibiscus tea. (via Keto Diet Blog)

8. Copycat Cotton Candy Frappuccino: If all this talk of green tea has you jonesing for a pink *coffee* drink, this frappuccino copycat is totally your jam. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

9. CopyCat Starbucks Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino: When you’re craving a totally caffeine-free Pink Drink, don’t forget Starbuck’s Strawberries & Cream Frap, which was always caffeine free. This copycat tastes just like a milkshake, thanks to real strawberries and a rich scoop of ice cream. (via CincyShopper)

10. Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino Recipe: No ice cream in the house? No problema! This version can be made with plain old half and half and some flavored syrups that you probably already have on hand in your coffee bar or cocoa station. (via Instructables)

11. Strawberry Cream Vanilla Bean Frappuccino: When vanilla bean simple syrup and vanilla bean crushed extracts meet fresh strawberries and ice, the result is pure Strawberry Creme Savers Hard Candy. In a word: YUM! (via Design Eat Repeat)

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