Whether you are gifting one to a friend or whipping one up for yourself, there really is nothing like a getting a seasonal homemade body scrub! The process of making the skincare from scratch is as simple as beauty DIYs get, not to mention the added bonus of amazing aromas from the fresh-from-the-market fruits. Just imagine the scents from cantaloupe + kiwi, fig + lime and even banana + chocolate!? Yeah we went there, along with two other spa-level combos sure to leave you feeling soothed and serene. But your sense of smell won’t be the only thing stimulated from these five summer fruit body scrubs — your skin will be getting the hook up, too!

Coconut Fig Lime

Figs are full of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which helps hydrate your skin as well as slow down signs of aging. Coconut oil is a go-to hydrating + protective agent, especially for your skin.

 – 2 figs

– 1 lime

– 1 cup shredded coconut

– 1 cup coconut oil

Slice figs into quarters, then cut the skin away with a sharp knife and add the pieces to a mixing bowl. Zest a lime into the bowl and use a muddler to smash it all together until the ingredients become well mixed. Then add the shredded coconut and the coconut oil, mix it all together and scoop it into a jar.

Finish with thin slices of lime and fig so that you know what’s responsible for your refreshed look!

Cantaloupe Kiwi Lava Salt

Black lava salt is a primo gentle exfoliator. This in combination with the super hydrating cantaloupe and vitamin C-packed kiwi will leave your skin feeling ultra soft and give it a subtle glow.


– ½ cup cantaloupe

– 1½ cup kiwi

– ⅓ cup lava salt

– ⅓ cup grapeseed oil

Chop up the cantaloupe into small bits, and add that to the bowl along with chopped kiwi. Muddle the fruit together and then add the super sexy lava salt. Add the grapeseed oil and mix together gently, then transfer to a jar.

Ready to get your glow on?

Chocolate Banana Coffee

Coffee is not only an exfoliating agent, but it’s also a natural bronzer. Bananas help fight acne and protect against free radicals, and the coconut oil makes everything feel extra lush.

 – 2 bananas

– ⅔ cup ground coffee

– ½ cup coconut oil

– grated chocolate to your ‘taste’ (seriously you will want to eat this off your arm!)

Break apart the banana into piece that will easily muddle into a paste, then add the coffee and muddle together. Add the coconut oil and stir to incorporate, then top with chocolate shavings and scoop it on up!

Remember: This mix is for your skin and NOT your mouth :)

Grapefruit Honey Sugar

The brown sugar base will gently exfoliate your skin to make way for grapefruit — a natural brightener — and the raw honey, which is best known for helping to clear up acne.

 – ⅔ cup raw honey

– ⅔ cup brown sugar

– ½ grapefruit

Pour honey into a bowl and add brown sugar. Squeeze the juice from half of a grapefruit into the bowl and mix the ingredients together well. Pour into a jar and you’re done.

Now you know the secret ingredients for natural brightened and toned skin!

Pineapple Mango Brown Sugar

Pineapple and mango have enzymes that will help clear up any problematic patches on your skin, as well as help to brighten and tighten all over. The brown sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant.

 – ½ cup mango

– ½ cup pineapple

– ½ cup brown sugar

Chop both the pineapple and mango very finely, and add the fruits to your mixing bowl along with the brown sugar. Use a muddler to smash the ingredients together, then scoop into a jar.

Perfect for gifting with slices of these tropical treasures on top!

Store your body scrubs in airtight containers in your fridge for as long as the fresh ingredients don’t spoil — up to a week, to be safe. Then remake often, so that your skin won’t ever have to feel nostalgic for one of the most luxurious summers it ever experienced!

What summer beauty products have you crafted this season? Tell us about your beauty DIYs in the comments below.