We’re basically all-Halloween-everything around here. You’ve checked out some of our fave dog costumes and couples costumes, but now we’re sharing something even better. This year, grab the furry love of your life and get ready for the best mashup Halloween has ever seen: adorable couples costumes for you and your pup.


1. Ariel and Sebastian: We love this under the sea costume. That adorable face and googly eyes are sure to help you become part of this world. (via JaNicki Photography)


2. Punk Rockers and Punk Hound: This punk hound is ready to rock Halloween. Encore! (via Winnie Au/Refinery29)


3. Princess Leia and an Ewok: This couple is emBARKing (we can’t help ourselves!) on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. (via Brit + Co)


4. Twinsie Bears: You and your pup will be cute and cozy in these twinsie bear costumes inspired by Internet sensation Munchkin the Teddy Bear. All you need is a bear hoodie and stuffed bear in the same shade. (via Brit + Co)


5. Fox and Hound: These pals prove that dogs really are a kid’s best friend, even when they’re dressed up as The Fox and the Hound. (via Jinky Art)


6. Cleopatra and Pharaoh: Grab a leash, because this dog is ready to walk like an Egyptian. (via Leslie Koch)


7. Daenerys and Her Dragon: You can copy this look by DIYing some doggie dragon wings. Make sure they’re attached to his harness so he doesn’t fly away or torch anyone! (via Pungen)


8. Bjork: We loved Bjork’s 2001 Oscars Swan dress so much, we had to bring it back and DIY it for you and your furry friend. Filled with feathers, tulle and swan, this is one stylish costume you’ll never forget. (via Brit + Co)


9. Agnes and her Fluffy Unicorn: It’s so fluffy, we just might die from cuteness overload. For more happiness, easily turn this couples costume into a group costume with a few minions and evil genius sidekicks. (via @notsorandompics)


10. Batman and Robin: The dynamic duo is back, and they’re cuter than ever! This little guy is ready to fight crime with his trusted sidekick, who can smell crime and city grime a mile away. Make it a family costume and have everyone dress up as superheroes. (via HONY)


11. Gnomes: There’s gnome doubt about it — this is a crowd favorite. Plus, it’s the perfect last-minute costume for those of us who have neglected Halloween so far. With only the clothes in your closet and a quick trip to your local craft store, you and your pup can be the cutest gnomes out this Halloween. (via Brit + Co)


12. Bowser and Chomp: Here’s a #tbt to the days of Super Mario and Nintendo. Bowser and Chomp are ready for action. (via MapleSuicide)

Trading Places

13. Trading Places: It’s like Freaky Friday all over again, but better. Everyone wins when you trade places with your dog for Halloween; you get to look as cute as a puppy and stay super warm in a furry costume, and he still gets lots of love and a seat at the dinner table. (Hey, a dog can dream.) (via Brit + Co)


14. Hotdog and Vendor: Pay homage to your pup and your fave treat with this sweet and simple costume. Parents, this is the perfect time to bust out those ketchup and mustard costumes. (via Stephanie Lynn)


15. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf: Little Red Riding Hood risks peril for the ultimate couples costume. We’re impressed she wrangled a wig on her four-legged friend! (via @meandmygreatdane)


16. Wizard of Oz Cast: Forget Toto: These dogs are stealing the show in their Dorothy and Cowardly Lion costumes. Now if only they could get their Tin Man and Scarecrow handlers to take them for a walk down the yellow brick road. (via Noel Celis/Getty)


17. Circus Act: Give your dog’s tricks the attention they deserve and build a stage to showcase that talent. You won’t want to miss this act. (via Brooke Kelly Photography)


18. Han Solo and Chewbacca: Star Wars fans: Just try to not “awwww” at this costume. This is by far the cutest Chewbacca we’ve ever seen. (via Cuije)


19. The Wicked Witch and Glenda the Good Witch: Forget the flying monkeys! It looks like the Wicked Witch has a new, wholesome sidekick. We approve. (via Buzzfeed)


20. E.T. and Elliot: This couples costume is written in the stars and comes complete with the moon. Don’t forget your phone, so E.T. can send all his adorable selfies home. (via Buzzfeed)


21. Chef and Turkey: This is one turkey you won’t want to eat come Thanksgiving. Which is good, because he is just too darn cute. (via Winnie Au/Refinery29)


22. Punk Princess Pup and Rocker Dad: This pup is tuckered out from all the rocking she’s been doing. Get her a treat and tuck her in a big fancy dog bed. (via Winnie Au/Refinery29)

Have you ever worn a couples costume with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!