Dunkin’ Donuts’ Girl Scout coffee may be on the way out (*tear*), but the fast food chain is already ready to introduce you to your next favorite sweet treat — at least if you live in Boston, Massachusetts!

The shop is testing out what they’re calling “donut fries” — a confectionary treat that appears to the be the stick form of an elephant ear, with fried dough coated in sugar.

A Dunkin’ Donuts spokeswoman confirmed the news with a statement the Boston Globe, noting that the company was testing the fries in “a small number of Boston markets” in hopes of gaining enough positive feedback to potentially take the new $2 snack menu item global.

So far, so good: If the Twitter buzz is any indicator, you’ll be seeing these little puppies on a menu near you before you know it.

As the statement explained, “The snacking menu features several new sweet and savory items that pair perfectly with Dunkin’ Donuts signature beverages and are ideal for an energizing afternoon break.

The new $2 test menu will also include Munchkin dippers, waffle-breaded chicken tenders, and gluten-free brownies. YUM.

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 (Photo via Mario Tama/Getty)