Depending on where you’re from, Easter bread could mean a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s a simple braided version with raisins, and other times it’s a gorgeous concoction covered in sprinkles with a dyed Easter egg in the middle. But, to be fair, it could also just be a delicious side that’s great for sopping up your gravy and butter. Whether you’re looking to start a new tradition in your family or you just want to show off your baking skills, there’s a perfect loaf out there just waiting to grace your table. To learn about 10 beautiful and fun Easter bread recipes, keep on reading.

Sweet Braided Easter Bread With Raisins Recipe

1. Sweet Braided Easter Bread With Raisins: This basic braided bread is studded with plump raisins and lightly flavored with vanilla. The best part? Your mixer does most of the work for you. (via Valya’s Taste of Home)

Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks Recipe

2. Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks: What these bunnies lack in deep meaning, they make up for in pure cuteness! Use them to decorate festive place settings for your Easter dinner and make extras for passing. (via Plated Cravings)

Armenian Easter Bread Rounds Recipe

3. Armenian Easter Bread Rounds: Commonly referred to as choereg, this bread is an Easter favorite among Armenian families. It’s an eggy option that’s mostly identified by its use of the warm Mediterranean spice, mahleb. (via Taste Love and Nourish)

Serbian Easter Bread Recipe

4. Serbian Easter Bread: One thing that a lot of Easter bread recipes have in common are their ornate designs. This Serbian version is made by rolling the dough in various shapes and arranging them perfectly inside the baking pan. (via Getting It Together)

Portuguese Easter Bread Recipe

5. Portuguese Easter Bread: This lemon-scented bread is a must-have for any Portuguese Easter feast. The golden exterior puffs up around the four strategically placed hard boiled eggs, which make for a beautiful presentation. (via Portuguese Girl Cooks)

Kulich Russian Easter Bread Recipe

6. Kulich: This sweet Russian Easter bread is full of dried fruits and spices, similar to pant. Serve with a creamy honeyed cream cheese and lemon glaze for a true holiday treat. (via Great British Chefs)

Italian Easter Bread Recipe

7. Italian Easter Bread: There’s no way you can be sad looking at this colorful sprinkle-laced bread. The tradition began in Italy and is now featured on many American Easter tables as well. (via Bake With Christina)

Easter Paska Bread Recipe

8. Easter Paska Bread: This eastern European egg bread is best when slathered with room temperature salted butter. Although, it would also be pretty great to sandwich with all of that leftover ham too. (via Trial and Eater)

Croatian Easter Bread Recipe

9. Croatian Easter Bread: We can get behind any bread that’s flavored with rum. In keeping with the original, slice a cross in the top before baking for religious symbolism, if you wish. (via Bake Noir)

 Pinca Easter Bread Recipe

10. Pinca: This unique bread is similar to conventional brioche but is flecked with bits of orange and lemon zest for a citrus punch. To retain its originality, scatter a fair amount of crushed sugar cubes over the top. (via He Needs Food)

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