Easter is the perfect Sunday for sitting down for Easter brunch with friends or the fam, enjoying the warmer(ish) weather and wearing pastel dresses. Add adorable DIY Easter baskets and some incredible Easter egg decorating ideas, and the holiday is simply wonderful. In order to make an already killer day even better, we’ve collected some essentials that are guaranteed to add even more Easter delight to your life than the Easter bunny does.

diy leash

1. Dog Milk Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): Fluffy definitely doesn’t want to be left out of the party! Wherever you’re going, tote him along in style with this DIY dip dyed pup leash from Dog Milk. There’s no better way to show your pup that you love him on Easter than by making him a pastel accessory from scratch.

egg place holders

2. Acme Party Box Co. Chalkboard Egg Place Cards Set ($10): If you’re hosting brunch or dinner, these egg-tastic place holders are a must-have. The best part is that they’re totally reusable, so you can enjoy them again and again during various occasions (like brunch parties).

pom bunny

3. Seedling DIY Pom Bunny Kit ($20): Not only do you get to craft this little guy yourself (it’s a sure win if you’ve got kiddies around too), but he makes an awesome addition to your Easter decor arsenal when he’s complete.

habit bardot polish

4. Habit Bardot Nail Polish ($18): Whether you’re really looking to get full-on festive with pastels all the way down to your nails, or you want to keep your style the same as it always is and simply dabble in some pastel nail polish, this Bardot edition from Habit has got you covered… literally (your nails, anyway).


5. Drop It Modern Blush Tassel Garland ($32): The blush color scheme of these festive tassels are the perfect decoration for subtle Easter brunch celebrators. The colors exude spring but aren’t over the top, so you might find yourself putting off taking them down. We certainly won’t blame you if you do.

mulled wine

6. Saffron and Kumquats Mulled Wine and Cider Kit ($20): Just because spring is here doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the lovely things about cold weather (hey, the weather is still pretty up and down anyway). On those chilly spring nights, bust out a bit of this mulled wine and stay warm with clove-y deliciousness.

heart glasses

7. Zerouv Heart Sunglasses ($11): The sun is shining and peaches-and-cream outfits are everywhere. These gorgeous shades will shield you from rays and will complement any pastel sartorial decision by taking your style into the mega cute zone (the perfect place to be Easter weekend).

gold shaker

8. Acme Party Box Co. Gold Cocktail Shaker ($54): Easter is a holiday, and holidays mean celebrations and celebrations mean… parties! And, no party (we mean it — none) is complete without this golden shaker pouring the drinks.

bacon kit

9. The Original Bacon Kit DIY Bacon Kit ($24): If Easter brunch is on the docket, scoop up this DIY bacon kit and you’ll be remembered as the most epic hostess ever. We didn’t believe it either, but it is possible to make bacon even better than it already is.

get shit done list

10. Matters of Delight Get Shit Done to Do List Notepad ($8): As fun as they are, holidays are always stressful — especially if you’re hosting family or friends. This notepad will help you keep track of everything you need to do, and remind you to tackle it like a boss.

record player

11. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable in Chalkboard ($99): Tunes are always essential, but this record player is the best way to listen. Here’s why: It’s portable, so the music can move from inside to the backyard in no time, and it’s covered in chalkboard paint, just waiting for an Easter bunny to be doodled on it.

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