We’ve been on a watercolor kick lately, what with our watercolor painting online class and all of the amazing watercolor pieces we’ve been seeing on Pinterest. So today, we’re putting together an Easter brunch filled with watercolored elements, including our DIY watercolor backdrops and DIY dip dye ombré dresses. In addition, we’re adding our salute to spring with an edible flower cocktail, healthy (paleo) menu and hidden clues to keep your guests on their toes. Read on for all of our tips to make the best Easter brunch you (and the Easter bunny) have ever seen.


Watercolor Everything

There are so many ways you can add watercolor to your party.


It’s amazing what you can do to white fabric. We hand dyed these ombré dresses, napkins and tablecloth to go full watercolor on this party. Don’t forget about our watercolor backdrop, perfect for photo documentation of this shindig.

Paleo Bunny Waffles

Are those bunny waffles? Why yes, yes they are (and healthy ones at that).


To welcome a more balanced breakfast, we cooked these delicious paleo waffles from 17 Recipes, made with almond flour and coconut milk. We added an Easter touch by cutting the waffle into the shape of a bunny, adding a poached egg for its tail and sprinkling bacon bits on the bottom of the plate to make grass.


Drizzle some maple syrup and you’ve got yourself a paleo brunch!

Pisco Sour with Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Egg white drinks FTW!


To continue our egg theme, we made our favorite egg white cocktail: the Pisco Sour. To add a spring touch to this delicious libation, we poured our drinks over edible flower ice cubes. Find edible spring flowers at your local farmers market, pop them into an ice cube tray with water and stick them in the freezer. For the final touch, top your drinks with some extra flowers. Cheers!


Ain’t that beautiful?

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

What better way to kick off a morning brunch than a scavenger hunt?


Make your guests an Easter egg scavenger hunt by filling eggs with clues.


Each place setting has every guest’s first egg in their set of clues, with a message inside that will lead them to the next one.


Look at that glitter accent!

Tablescape Decor

And now for the little additions to make the table an Easter wonderland.


Sprinkle your table with Easter egg candy to add more pop to your tablescape.


We also found these burlap bunny ear napkin holders from Michaels, which can easily be another DIY element. Simply cut the ears, hot glue to a burlap strap and hot glue once more to close the loop.


Happy Easter!


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DIY Production and Styling: Anita Yung
Photography: Chris Andre