Eggplant. Folks either seem to love it or hate it. If you happen to fall in the latter camp and your CSA box comes loaded with the stuff, what’re you to do? Reach for this roundup! Beyond the usual eggplant Parmesan, this collection features 15 unique recipes that are bound to sway you in favor of aubergine.

1. Spicy Eggplant Pasta: At once hearty and healthy, this pasta is best made at the height of the summer produce season, so get on it! (via Food52)

2. Eggplant and Pork Stir Fry: The eggplant practically melts away in this quick-and-easy stir fry. Served over rice, it becomes a complete meal. (via One Dog Woof)

3. Spicy Eggplant Goat Cheese Pizza: Topped with meat, veggies and two cheeses, this pie is sure to be hit. (via Erin’s Food Files)

4. Smokey Eggplant Dip: Easily confused with baba ghanoush, this dip actually goes by the name moutabbal. Make it as chunky or smooth as you like, and be sure to have plenty of pita wedges on hand for dipping. (via Smitten Kitchen)

5. Falafel-stuffed Eggplant: Enjoy these gorgeous personal-size casseroles as a hearty vegetarian main course that’s sure to impress. (via Food Republic)

6. Quinoa, Roasted Eggplant and Apple Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette: Chockfull of veggies, fruit, nuts and whole grain goodness, one might discount this dish as too health-conscious to be any good. But once the smokey vinaigrette is drizzled over top, boy does this salad sing. (via Food Network)

7. Eggplant Shakshuka (Vegetarian): On chilly mornings, there’s nothing quite like a big helping of shakshuka to warm you up. Packed with protein and vegetables, it’s a breakfast that’ll keep you full for hours. (via Typical Domestic Babe)

8. Pasta Timballo: Lasagna and eggplant “noodles” form an edible bowl for the filling of cheese, meat, veggies and sauce all tossed with pasta. (via Chew Town)

9. Eggplant Au Poivre (Vegetarian): Forget a nice cut of beef, cook up a “filet” of eggplant and top with the creamy, peppery sauce for a satisfying veggie-friendly steakhouse copycat. (via Bon Appétit)

10. Eggplant, Prosciutto, Pesto Pressed Picnic Sandwiches: We’re dying to pack these many-layered sandwiches in our picnic basket! (via Host the Toast)

11. Crispy Eggplant Fries with Chipotle Aioli: Baked eggplant mimics the texture of fries remarkably well, all while packing in way more nutritional value. The smokey-spicy Greek-yogurt-based aioli is not to be missed. (via The Science of Eating)

12. Roasted Baby Eggplant with Harissa: A quick blast in the oven is all these baby eggplant need to become tender. Then, they’re topped with tomatoes, onion, garlic and dollops of both harissa and Greek yogurt. A final sprinkle of crunchy roasted chickpeas is a nice crowing addition. via Bourbon and Honey)

13. Tian Provencal: Wow, we thought Remy’s ratatouille was as elegant as this provencal dish got. Sorry, Little Chef, you’ve been one-upped with this presentation. (via He Needs Food)

14. Crispy Eggplant Caprese Stacks: Think classic caprese meets eggplant parm; grab a fork and knife, and dig in! (via The Comfort of Cooking)

15. Smoked Eggplant for Ramen: Add this smokey eggplant topping to your favorite ramen soup to give it a little added oomph in the flavor department. (via Serious Eats)

Do you ever prepare eggplant at home? What’s your favorite method or recipe? Let’s talk all things aubergine in the comments!