Emma Stone has had her fair share of hair changes throughout her years in Hollywood 鈥 you might recall the time she made three hair transformations in just one month, for instance. Her latest tress changeup, however, saw the 29-year-old playing with her length in what we presume to be a flowing platinum wig that had us flashing back to several mystical characters from film history.

While many immediately likened the Battle of the Sexes actress to Game of Thrones鈥 Khaleesi (we see those braids!), we also saw a likeness to yet *another* famous fictional character: The Lord of the Rings trilogy鈥檚 Legolas.

We certainly weren鈥檛 alone 鈥 Orlando Bloom also saw the resemblance, posting side-by-side comparison shots of himself dressed up as elf Legolas next to the Oscar-winner.

鈥淓lf stole my look!鈥 he joked, adding, 鈥淲hen your blonde locks get a revamp鈥 and improved upon. #emmastone, a true Elven sista.鈥

The star (along with Sally Field and Julia Garner) was rocking the 鈥榙o for her new Netflix series called Maniac, which is centered on a man who is sent to a mental hospital for the fantastical alternate versions of reality he envisions.

From the looks of things, Stone (who also acts as executive producer), will be involved in quite a few of those visions, having also sported her long blonde extensions in a less mythical form as well as a short blonde bob for the cameras. The show won鈥檛 premieres in 2018.

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(Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)