Emojis are no longer reserved for our phones. They’re popping up everywhere, and we’ve seen them on everything from clothing to accessories and decor. We’re definitely not complaining, and we now have another way to display our emoji love. A current Kickstarter project is seeking backers for the first-ever emoji game.

Emoji Cards creators Warren Chao and Sam Greenspan describe their game as emoji meets charades. The point of the game is to use emojis to describe the word or phrase on the clue cards. One example they cite is having the whale emoji crash into the diamond emoji to get people to guess Titanic. If this game is half as fun as their pitch video, we’re all in.

To get your hands on Emoji Cards, all it takes is a $25 pledge on their Kickstarter. With endorsements from Nick Cannon and Marc Cuban, we’re betting it won’t be long before you’re playing Emoji Cards during your next rainy day in.

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