If you grew up in the ’90s, Cher from Clueless obvs topped your list of style icons, amiright? LBH, we were all way jealous of her amazing closet and catchphrases (“My bad!”). Well if you still find yourself nostalgic for the Clueless gang and the decade before iPhones, you’ll heart the new “You Thought the ’90s Were Over? As If!” color collection from Essie. Here’s a looksee starting from the left to the right.

1. Girly Grunge: Grunge looks so ruled back in the day. This silvery purple shimmer shade will pair perfectly with your cutoffs and plaid shirt.

2. Saved by the Belle: This pretty baby pink is perfect if you’re a little more Kelly than Jessie.

3. As If!: Finally, you get to live your dream of matching Cher with this periwinkle blue shade. It would look fabulous with your yellow plaid mini and mohair cropped sweater.

4. Mixtaupe: Relive the days of making the perfect mixed cassette for your crush with this ivory/pink color. Kinda like your elementary sweetheart, it’s #basic but not forgettable.

5. Knee-High Life: You couldn’t make it out of the ’90s without a few pairs of knee-high socks. This red wine color will still look great with your trusty Birks or Docs FTW.

6. Dressed to the Nineties: Remember painting your nails while blasting Matchbox20 on the stereo? This purple and blue shimmer combo is worthy of rockstar status.

Ready to go back in time? The collection is available from Essie for $9 each.

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