It’s *almost* the time of year to celebrate the most important guy in your life. And since Father’s Day will be here before you know it, we’re putting out all kinds of Dad-approved gift guides, QT date ideas and recipes. So if you’re not sure what to get this year and don’t have time to DIY something either, why not forgo the usual tie or socks and get him a gadget he’s sure to use. Whether your dad is a total tech nerd, or still can’t quite figure out how to download the latest upgrade on his iPhone, we’re sure he’ll get a kick out of one of these cool techy gifts.


1. LegacyBox ($75 – $500): Does your Dad still have a mountain of boxes full of old photos and VHS home videos starting to deteriorate in the attic? Sneak them out of the house and send them to Legacybox. This company uses state-of-the-art equipment to digitize and transfer old photos and videos to DVDs and CDs, breathing new life into old memories and preserving them to be enjoyed for generations to come.


2. Lazerwood Keys ($40): For the Apple-savvy and stylish dad, this wooden keyboard is the perfect gift. They are available in walnut or cherry wood and will add a stunning, sophisticated look to his desktop.


3. Marshall Speaker ($400): If your Dad likes to rock out on the weekends, treat him to this vintage-inspired Marshall Stanmore Speaker. The speaker connects via Bluetooth or with the auxiliary coil cord, and the brass details and luxe analog knobs will make him feel like he’s back with his old high school band.


4. Powerdock 5 Charging Dock ($100): Is your Dad a tech-savvy dude with way too many electronics? Help him keep them all in one place with this charging dock. It charges up to five iOS devices at a time and its space-saving design will keep his tables and desk from cluttering up.


5. Apple Watch Dock ($68): Your Dad already got his hands on an Apple Watch, so why not get him a stylish accessory to go with it? The Composure Dock from Rest has no-slip rubber feet and hidden magnets, and is made from Grade-A Walnut, allowing the watch to be displayed in style as it charges.


6. Lomo Camera and Lenses ($169): For the photog Dad, this Instant Lomo Camera is a fun way to capture all of life’s little memories. It has the ability to take multiple exposures and includes a tripod dock. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee it will help with those awkward family photos your Dad sometimes likes to take.


7. Pebble or Pebble Steel Smartwatch ($99, $199): Ease the dad in your life into wearables land with the affordable, still very helpful Pebble. Sorry if this taste of tech-cessories means an Apple Watch lands on his want list for Xmas…


8. HDMI Pocket Projector ($250): For the film enthusiast, this HDMI Pocket Projector is a great way to stream Netflix from your devices to a wall or other small space.


9. Barman Smart Cocktail Mixer ($55): This cocktail mixer is a drink-mixing platform for your Smartphone that guides you through making the perfect cocktail every time. Just place your cup on the scale and it will tell you when to stop pouring. The app has over 300 recipes on hand, meaning Dad will become the bartender for all your family parties.


10. 3Doodle 2.0 Drawing Pen ($100): For the architect, artist or avid doodler in your life, this pen is pretty epic. It allows you to draw in 3D, immediately bringing your work to life. The pen uses PLA plastic “drawing sticks” and kind of works like a hot glue gun, but feels like a marker.


11. Smartphone Printer ($200) Is your Dad always snapping photos with his Smartphone? Then he’ll definitely get a kick out of this mini Instax printer for his iPhone photos. It connects via WiFi and offers a variety of templates to print from.


12. Wallet TrackR ($25): The answer to the age-old question of “keys, wallet, phone?” that every guy asks themselves as they leave their home has been answered by this handy little Bluetooth device. This credit-card-sized device easily fits into any wallet and pairs with your Smartphone to help you locate your items.


13. Bluetooth Headphones ($29): Update Dad’s workout game with Bluetooth headphones. They are lightweight and noise-canceling, and they allow you to easily switch between phone calls and music, if needed.


14. Keysmart ($18): Avoid the uncomfortable bulky pocket with this minimalist key ring that compactly fits up to four keys.


15. Nano Drone ($49): As the world’s smallest quadcopter, the SKEYE Nano Drone measures less than two inches. But don’t let its small size fool you — this tiny device is incredibly agile and perfect for airborne stunts. You may just have to remind Dad to play with his new toy outside.


16. BookArc Mod ($60): We all love our laptops, but sometimes it can be hard to find a convenient place to store them. That’s where the BookArc Mod comes in. The beautifully designed MacBook stand holds the laptop safely in an upright position, allowing it to be placed to the side of Dad’s desk when not in use.

What techy gifts are you getting for Dad this year? Let us know in the comments!