Bad news, coffee lovers: Fecal bacteria has been found in ice from drinks served by three major coffee chains in the UK, including Starbucks (gulp!), Costa Coffee, and Caff猫 Nero, according to a new report by BBC鈥檚 Watchdog series. And while we鈥檝e heard of poop-themed caf茅s before 鈥 yes, really 鈥 this isn鈥檛 exactly the kind of news we want to hear as we鈥檙e about to grab our next Frappuccino!

Poo Bacteria Was Found In Some Starbucks Drinks

Samples of ice water were taken from all three shops, and tests revealed that seven out of 10 samples from Costa Coffee tested positive for fecal coliform bacteria, while three out of 10 samples from both Starbucks and Caff猫 Nero also tested positive for the bacteria.

鈥淐oliforms are an indicator of fecal contamination which means that essentially anything which is in feces could be in that ice,鈥 Rob Kingsley, an expert in food-borne pathogens and a research leader at Quadram Institute Bioscience, told The Guardian. 鈥淚t is an indicator that somewhere there has been some kind of breakdown in hygiene or the source of the water used for this ice.鈥

Poo Bacteria Was Found In Some Starbucks Drinks

For their part, the chains have responded to the super gross claims, with a Starbucks spokesman telling Yahoo News that they take hygiene matters 鈥渆xtremely seriously,鈥 and adding, 鈥淎ll employees nationwide have received updated training on our high standards of hygiene including ice handling.鈥

A Costa spokesperson, meanwhile, told Yahoo! in a statement that the company had taken 鈥渋mmediate action to update our ice handling procedures. We were disappointed with the findings, especially as these stores are all rated very good with the top hygiene rating of five.鈥 As for Caff猫 Nero, the spokesperson told the outlet that a 鈥渢horough investigation鈥 was under way.

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(h/t The Guardian; photos via Christopher Furlong + Alex Wong/Getty)