Besides getting to wear super cute rain boots and having more hours of sunshine in the day, one of the great things about springtime is that it’s another kind of season too: festival season. In between downloading festival season apps and choosing your festival fashion looks to copy, scroll through these 12 festival essentials to up your style game.

hair band bracelet

1. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet in Flower Design ($45): You never know if you’ll want your hair up or down or if you’ll get caught in the rain while you’re out in the elements, enjoying some top-notch tunes. Stay prepared for anything with this stylish hairband holder.


2. Zerouv Horn Rimmed Sunglasses ($10): Affordable sunnies are simply a must-have for festival-goers. You’ll need to shield your ojos from the sun, but you certainly don’t want to get upset if you lose your glasses at some point during all the musical madness.

dogs tee

3. The Tree Kisser Dogs Before Dudes Tee ($35): A cute, comfy and flowy tee is key for festival season. It’ll keep you cool in warm weather and sports an adorable saying that’s pretty much guaranteed to earn you at least 1,000 high fives throughout the course of a weekend.

earring jackets

4. Foxy Originals Victoria Earring Jackets ($24): If these aren’t the most fun and festival-worthy earrings that have ever existed, then we simply don’t know what are. They’re golden and glamorous, and they practically scream fun.

fanny pack

5. Avenue Dee Fruit Stripes Fanny Pack ($32): Oh yes, fanny packs are back. And lucky for festival babes, they’re the perfect accessory to keep all your essentials with you in a worry-free way. You won’t be fretting about keeping track of your bag since it’ll be right there with you, strapped to your hips.

gold choker

6. Soko Double Dash Choker Necklace ($110): This beauty is golden, minimal and ultra trendy — the holy trinity of festival awesomeness. No matter what kind of outfits you’ve got planned, this accessory will glam them all up.

perfume pack

7. Pinrose Starter Kit Petal Perfume Pack ($9): Forget toting perfume or body spray around to combat the natural B.O. issues that arise in sweaty, dancing crowds. Just toss a packet or two of this sampler set in your bag and off you go, you lovely smelling thing, you.

ear cuff

8. Ofina Webbed Ear Cuff ($24): Hello, beautiful bling. Toss these puppies on your ears and add just the right amount of bling to any ensemble you pair them with.

tracker silver

9. Trackr Bravo in Silver ($30): Make sure you don’t encounter that dreadful feeling of losing your keys with this key tracker from Bravo. All you need is a smartphone, and they’ll be back in your possession in no time at all.

mobile charger

10. Bando Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): You’ll never be able to find your friends with a dead phone. Make sure you’re not the lost one with this compact and super stylish mobile charger that will keep you all powered up on the go.

woven clutch

11. Judith March Woven Clutch ($25): This woven clutch gives off a laid back vibe that will be the envy of everyone else at the show.

water bottle

12. Bkr Holiday Bottle ($35): Hydration, hydration, hydration! Staying hydrated is the golden rule of festivals, which is why more and more of them are offering free water to those with reusable bottles. Capitalize on the trend in style with this blue beauty from Bkr.

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