Sometimes one cup of joe just isn’t enough. We know you feel us, caffeine-lovers. That’s why this info is totally crucial. Some hardcore customers may already be in on the valuable secret, but plenty of others don’t know that Starbucks actually offers totally free refills to its rewards members. Oh yeah!

If you happen to be at the green or gold level of Starbucks membership, you’re in luck. When you chug your drink before stepping out the door (the offer is void the moment you step outside), then just head back to the counter, flash your membership card and grab a refill. It’s that easy.

There is one catch: The offer only applies to the lower-priced items on the menu, such as brewed coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and iced tea.

Despite the restrictions, we’re thrilled to be refilling our coffee (and tea)-loving hearts out.

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(h/t Glamour; photo via Starbucks)