When it comes to gifts, size doesn’t always matter. It’s the thought that counts. (Honestly, sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.) With the holidays in full swing, you want to make sure you cover everyone on your list because there’s nothing that’ll spoil the gifting buzz like realizing you didn’t reciprocate the exchange. That’s where the makers from Greetabl come in.

They’ve created pre-made, budget-friendly parcels for gift giving, dubbed Giftabls. They’ve got one for every special occasion, and they’ll even hand write your message in the card for you. Seriously, delivering a smile to someone’s doorstep can’t get easier than that, and these are the ideal size for Instagramming.

Know someone whose birthday is coming up? Don’t reach for the traditional drugstore bday card + gift card combo. Think inside the box this year with this birthday kit ($12). Choose the design, write a message and your recipient will love opening their Giftabl to see what’s inside.

What better way to say thanks for a job well done to your acting coach or mentor than with a box of chocolates ($14)?

Whether you graduated years ago or you’re sending this college party ($10) greeting for nostalgia’s sake or you’ve got a friend who’s turning the big 2-1, any party animal would love this set of mini-red solo cup shot glasses and a ping pong ball.

Did your BFF got a major promotion and you want to shower ’em with more congratulatory love? Or did your newlywed friends just announce their first pregnancy? Sure, you’ve texted, called, emailed and Instagram-commented your well wishes, but that isn’t quite enough to express your excitement. For ten buckaroos, you can send a friend a ton of confetti to share in their joy.

By now you’ve noticed that Giftabl examples are inspired by Arrested Development, and while we never understood why Lucille was so taken by Gene Parmesan — he wasn’t the greatest PI — to Mrs. Bluth, he was the best. (We can hear her surprised scream now.) We have a feeling she would send him a box full of Don’t Chai Know tea in his Giftabl ($14) because she never knew when he was in disguise.

We’re not going to ask how Oscar Bluth got his hands on these fortune cookies ($10) while serving time, but it’s a sweet sentiment to say the least. If only he could find a way to send a mini bottle of vodka to Lucille; she’d love that.

Wouldn’t you love to give (or receive) one of these adorable greeting cards? Tell us in the comments.