Spelling apps aren’t just for kids —in fact, you may want to download one yourself, or at the very least, get yourself a Lernstift (or a dictionary!) if you plan on discussing beautiful peeps, your schedule, vacuuming up broccoli or seeing Neighbors2: Sorority Rising, starring the hilariously honest Chloe Grace Moretz.

oxford english dictionary june 2015

Wait, what? As it turns out, beautiful, schedule, vacuum, broccoli and neighbor are all on the list of commonly used words that Americans have a little trouble spelling — right alongside definitely, attitude and appreciate.

According to a new map tweeted by Google Trends, we have just as much trouble with pneumonia as we do with cousin and banana (despite Instababe Gwen Stefani‘s best efforts), and really, who can blame us when such wonky words as leprechauns are strewn throughout everyday language?

Google Trends _ America's Top Spelling Mistakes _ 2016

What’s really interesting, however, is that the most troublesome words actually vary by state. While more than one locale struggles with desert (perhaps mixing it up with dessert?) and gray triggers several others’ autocorrect features, still other areas of the country are taking several guesses before pinning down words such as tongue, ornery and even Massa, um, Massachu, er, Massachusetts!

Check out the map above to see which word your state stumbles on.

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(h/t IFL Science, photo via Google Trends)