Want Super Soft Hair? Then This Oil Is a Must Have!
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Want Super Soft Hair? Then This Oil Is a Must Have!

Looking back over the past two months of growing my man bun, I am glad I decided to embark on this hair-raising (okay, lengthening) journey. Throughout these eight-plus weeks, I’ve learned way more than I ever knew about hair care, products and my own locks. I’ve tried a variety of leave-in conditioners, played with a handful of accessories and even started taking some pills to expedite the growth process. This week though, I am sharing what I think is my favorite product of the bunch — an oil that leaves my hair feeling softer than soft that I am now recommending to every single person. I’m a hair expert now, okay?! ;)

While the man bun is growing and looking more impressive by the day, I have noticed one thing throughout the process I’m not loving: the ends are starting to feel a little dry and my hair is definitely not as soft as I want it to be. So I started searching the Internet high and low for the best product I could find that would give me a dryness-ending/silky-smooth-commencing two-for-one deal. Of course, the Internet didn’t let me down, and I found my new fave product that not only works perfectly but also smells amazing!

The hair product that has risen above the rest in my eyes, and that has won my hair’s affection, is Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($39). I discovered the oil in YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous’ “My Beauty Secrets!” video. In the vid, Miley’s pal reveals some of her own beauty secrets (obviously) and products she absolutely loves for tanning, beauty and hair, along with entertaining stories throughout. After Gigi described what the Bumble and bumble product did (softens + smoothes hair, reduces frizz, tames flyaways and helps detangle and strengthen hair) and said she was “obsessed with it,” I knew I had to try it. I mean, look at how gorgeous her hair is. Sidenote — Heads up blondes: Gigi thinks it’s “the ultimate beauty secret for blondes and those with over-processed hair.” *Insert hair flip here.*

Like Gigi, I use two pumps of the oil on my hair, but that’s where I stop following her (and the bottle’s) directions. Instead of working the liquid into my damp hair after a shower (post-shower I’m still using the mustard bottle) I use it every morning before heading out for the day on my *dry* hair (whoops!). I must say though, after using it consistently for a couple of weeks now, I have noticed the oil does exactly what the bottle promises: feather-soft hair with a trace of shine that lasts the whole day. I do sometimes catch myself wondering if my hair would be even softer if I applied it to damp hair. Alas, I haven’t put those daydreams into action, so the mystery still remains ;)

Damp hair usage or not, I can’t stop running my hands through the soft hair the Invisible Oil has resulted in, and I think every single one of you should try out this product. Also, like I mentioned above, it smells really, really good. Like, delicious good. So for that alone you should pump away.

Okaaaaaay, I’m gonna go run some more of this oil through my hair. Until we meet again, let me know if you’ve ever used this product or any others that have given your hair crazy ridiculous soft feels. Also, shoot any other hair tips or tricks you’ve got for me in the comments. I crave ’em. See you next week!

Have you used a Bumble + bumble. product in your hair care routine before? Got any hair secrets of your own? Share it all with us in the comments.