Some apps start off as something totally different than what they end up as. Like Twitter started out as a way to talk with multiple people in short little messages. 140 characters later, it鈥檚 the place for news and Anna Kendrick鈥檚 hilarity. Gum is an app still in those early stages where you鈥檙e not quite sure how people will use it and what it will grow into, but we鈥檙e excited to find out.


With the Gum app (free on iOS), you snap a pic of the bar code on anything 鈥 a pack of gum, a bottle of wine or a shirt from Target. Then, you can attach a message to it and anyone who scans that same barcode anywhere in the world can see it. That鈥檚 pretty much it鈥 but is it? We鈥檝e been chewing on some ideas of how we鈥檇 love to use Gum:


We鈥檙e just getting started, but we can鈥檛 wait to really explore the potential of this app. Since it鈥檚 still in its early phases, it doesn鈥檛 have features like geolocation or social sharing, but it鈥檚 amped up to grow and create 鈥淭he Social Network of Things.鈥 You can download Gum for free聽on iOS.

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