If you’re planning to go all out for Halloween, you can’t leave your hair out of the game. When it comes to your costume, your makeup and hair are just as important as what you wear. But while your friends may give you props for going big, you don’t want to scare your coworkers and boss the next day with crazy Halloween hair. With this in mind, we went to Redken brand ambassador Rodney Cutler with our questions on how to get temporary yet awesome Halloween hair. Get in on our conversation below!

What are some different ways people can get Halloween hair to match their costume?

Don’t be so literal with it. You don’t want to saturate the hair with orange and end up looking like a freakshow. Instead, add flashes of texture and color using Redken Color Rebel to create a decorative effect. Use elements of backcombing and texture, which is really big at the moment, to create a slightly more edgy look than your normal day-to-day look. If your hair is longer, you can also play into the ombre trend with Color Rebel by placing the color just around the tips.

So it sounds like this is a good product to use for temporary color to match a costume.

Definitely. Color Rebel is a temporary hair color that washes out after two shampoos. Though it is temporary, it is certainly durable. It uses makeup technology to deposit a fine colored micro-coating on the surface of the hair, making it resistant against water and mechanical aggressors, such as brushing, blow drying or flatironing.

Are there any DIY or home remedies people can use to revamp their hair for Halloween?

The perfect example of ideal Halloween hair is Helena Bonham Carter in the Harry Potter films. She is this conceptual character that is both playful and freaky but still toes the line of being fashionable, which is the key. If it becomes too theatrical, you’re not going to feel comfortable. Halloween hair ends up becoming so much about texture. To get this perfect dusty texture, I use Redken Windblown 05 or Powder Grip 03 to create that airy effect that doesn’t look or feel sticky. That’s the key.

What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to doing their hair as part of a Halloween costume?

The biggest mistake I see is clients that put on too much hairspray or product too close to the hair where it actually builds up. The texture build should be in the backcombing, not in the amount of product you apply. So spray from a distance!

How are you doing your hair for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

(images viaVlamboyant, Refinery29, Nerdacy, Lunabella Makeup + Hair)