Flu and cold season seems to be getting longer and longer each year and a big reason why you’re catching those nasty germs is because your hands are dirty — simple as that. When you get germs on your hands and then touch your face or your food, you’re becoming more and more vulnerable to cold cooties. A good/stylish way to clean your way out of those dirty situations might be these pocket square sanitizing wipes.


Washing your hands the old fashioned way with soap and water is always going to be your best bet for really kicking those germs’ butts, but if you’re hopping off of the stinky subway with no sink in sight, these alcohol wipes are the next best thing.


This super clever sanitizer was thought up by design student Adem Onalan as an alternative to a bottle of hand sanitizer. He says that when you’re reaching for that bottle of sanitizer, the germs are already spreading throughout your purse and ultimately onto the bottle.


This design is still just a concept, but the idea is ultimately to make these wipes stylish so that sanitizing is less of a burden and more of a pleasure… and dare we say, a fashion statement?


Onalan notes that 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, so to amp the impact of cleanliness, his mockups potentially partner brands like H&M with the World Health Organization. The profits could provide funding toward research to end infectious diseases, which doesn’t sound too shabby to us.

Would you carry around these pocket wipes? Let us know how you keep clean in the comments!

(h/tFastCo Exist)