Harry Styles recently made an unexpected announcement about his sexuality to say he鈥檚 never felt the need to label it, but that hasn鈥檛 stopped fans from speculating about his personal life, which includes his new rumored relationship with food blogger Tess Ward.

Tess Ward

Despite the fact that neither Styles nor Ward have confirmed that they鈥檙e dating, with Ward telling UK鈥檚 The聽Times, 鈥淚 literally don鈥檛 have anything to say about that,鈥 the buzz surrounding their maybe relationship is enough to have the singer鈥檚 fans targeting the blogger. While it won鈥檛 shock (but should surely disappoint) you that she had to delete both her Twitter and Snapchat accounts and has 鈥渇allen a bit out of love with Instagram,鈥 she admitted to E! that she鈥檚 been receiving her fair-share of hate mail since the buzz began that are all 鈥渓ike, er, interesting.鈥 (That鈥檚 surely a tactful way of saying, 鈥渇riggin鈥 horrible!鈥)

Harry Styles

鈥淎t the moment, I鈥檓 getting a lot of direct messages there, but I respectfully choose not to reply to them,鈥 she said.

And though it seems she has her social media tactic down, the one thing Ward certainly didn鈥檛 expect was the attacks that would start appearing on sites where her cookbook, The Naked Diet ($17), is for sale, revealing that the rumored relationship with Styles has led to nasty one-star reviews. Wow.

The 27-year-old is now saying she 鈥渏ust wants a break. I鈥檓 not the kind of person who鈥檚 interested in fame and if you鈥檙e put in an environment which you don鈥檛 understand and you can鈥檛 control and you don鈥檛 want, it鈥檚 horrible,鈥 she laments.

After all, as she reminds readers (and possibly Styles fans), 鈥淔or everyone following and messaging me, I am thankful but please be kind to me. All I want is to share beautiful food with all of you.鈥 Fair enough!

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(h/t E!; Photos via Stuart C. Wilson + Mike Coppola/Getty)