While Hillary Clinton still has an unexpected presence in the White House, seemingly watching over President Trump’s shoulder, she in fact is currently focusing on International Women’s Day, sharing a tweet (which was inspired by a child) that will totally give you hope.

Hillary Clinton

Tweeting a pic that has gone viral in recent days, we see a handwritten note that was apparently found by a fourth grade teacher. Scrawled by a young activist, obvs, the message says, “Do you want to join a club for female empowerment. We are the leaders.” Excuse us while our hearts swell with hope for the future.

Captioning the pic with, “On #InternationalWomensDay I’m thinking about this young girl, & all the others like her out there. 💪✨” Woo! Grrrl power livin’ strong in the next generation.

She also shared her sentiment from last November, which is definitely worthy of a reminder…

Do you have a little lady in your life that you’re celebrating on International Women’s Day? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)