We’re gearing up for some major QT with family, friends and food for the next few months. In addition to feeling holly and jolly, we also expect to feel full… very, very full. But come on! There’s always room for dessert. Although, we’re not talking your standard pumpkin pie, oh no, no. We’re making the holidays a little more adorable with cake pops in plenty of iterations. And seeing as they’re portion controlled, we won’t have to hit the gym quite as hard come January 1st.

1. Stuffed Stocking Cake Pops: Oh, how we wish we could string these across our washi-tape fireplace. So adorable and super intricate, these stockings are fantastic… so fantastic, we almost don’t want to eat them. Almost. (via Bakerella)

2. Gingerbread People Pops: Try a new take on gingerbread men, women and children by making them into cake pops. These are so stinkin’ cute, it’s hard to look at them and not squeal, but if you can pull yourself together and get through making them, we’re sure everyone they greet will be delighted. (via Wilton)

3. Elegant Cake Pops: Swirls and candy pearls adorn these lovely cake pops that’ll take your fete to new heights. These classy confections would be great for a New Year’s Eve party. (via Lara Delilah)

4. Snowmen Cake Pops: Do you want to build a snowman? Make a bunch in your kitchen. Get into the chilly weather by bringing these along to any and all get-togethers you go to this winter. To make your little faces just as detailed, you’ll need a few supplies you might not have on hand (like edible ink), but the end result is so worth the hassle of sourcing. (via Betty Crocker)

5. Coconut Butter and Nutella Pie Pops: Okay, okay, we’re not completely turning our backs on pie. How could we when these charming pie pops exists? This is perfect for when you need to send dessert to go after stuffing yourself. Bonus: They’re filled with Nutella, so rest assured, they’ll be pleasing the crowds. (via Kiran Tarun)

6. White Russian Cake Pops: Get a little boozy with these cake pops that embody a classic cocktail. Topped with white chocolate and gold star sprinkles, these become the perfect dessert for the grown-ups’ table. (via Brit + Co)

7. Reindeer Pops: Sayonara, Christmas cookies. We’ve got a new treat in town to leave for St. Nick. These cake pops are an adorable ode to his holiday mascot. And how cute are those pretzel antlers? (via Luluto)

8. Ginger Cake Pops: Why make gingerbread when you can make gingery cake pops? Ginger and chocolate come together for a sweet treat with a teensy tingle of spice for a unique take on a perennial holiday sweet. (via Ellie Jarvis)

9. Ice Cream Cake Pops: If all hot cocoa does is make you crave cozy weather, we may have found your winter match. An easy-peasy microwave cake does the dip into melted chocolate for a quick and easy dessert that looks like it came from the neighborhood ice cream truck. (via Dulces Bocados)

10. Present Pops: If you forgot to get someone a gift, just give them a dozen of these adorable little presents. (via The Cake Blog)

11. Nutella Puff Pops: This recipe is super simple with only three ingredients, and it’s got a good dose of everyone’s favorite spread. If you’re not so nuts for Nutella, you could also try this with cookie butter, aka the new spread on the block. (via Sabrina Sue)

12. Brandy Cake Pops: Booze it up with these pops infused with brandy butter. We’re loving the accoutrements on it — a snowy holly scene. These are a great option for a wintery nightcap. (via Things We Make)

13. Baby Blue Cake Pops: We’re in love with these little blue pops. These would be an epic treat for any gathering, and if you make this many, there will be plenty to go around. (via Neighborfood)

What’s your favorite holiday dessert? Let us know in the comments!