With 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to look back on the decor trends that defined the past year. Some — like natural textures, colorful kitchen cabinets and mid-century furniture — are going to stay hot during 2017, while others — like copper lights, chalkboard walls and cheesy typography art — may need a bit of a makeover. Over the past year, the most on-trend homes adopted minimal design with pops of pattern and splashy color, and fortunately, those looks probably won’t be going anywhere in the new year. Scroll on to check out the hottest trends of 2016, and get ideas on how to re-work those trends for which the glory days are *so* over.



1. Geode Decor: Geodes and agates were total rockstars this year, popping up everywhere from barware to wallpaper. The best part about this trend? It’s SO easy to DIY. Gems and minerals add a positive vibe as well as shimmering textures, geometric shapes and cool colors that are sure to stay trendy for a while. (via Murals Wallpaper)


2. Colorful Cabinets: Wood cabinets are long gone. This year it was all about the colored cabinets. Whether you loved navy blue, pastel greens or warm yellow, painted cabinets were a sure fire way to drench your kitchen with personality and style. (via Emily Henderson)


3. Scandi Chic: Scandinavian decor came, took over and then decided to stay a while. The clean, modern lines, cozy textures and soft, neutral color palettes were infinitely pinnable, ‘grammable AND livable. (via Adore)

4. Midcentury Light Fixtures: Mid-century furniture and light fixtures are great not only because they’re stylish and mod, but also because they give the impression of taking up less space — perfect for people living in a tiny space. (via New Darlings)


5. Faux Fur: Didn’t matter whether it was spring, summer or winter, faux fur was the “It” texture of the year. The fuzzy faux sheepskin rugs from IKEA got hacked a million different ways and some of them even got used as rugs! (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Mud Cloth Patterns: Tribal patterns can be a little hit or miss, and often read as too boho. Originally from West Africa, mud cloth is a handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed using fermented mud. It’s a gorgeous pattern that is modern but still gives a nod to tradition, and you’ll never get tired of the crisp geometric design. (via Adore)


7. Open Shelving: Yup, you totally saw this one coming. Open shelving is just so dang gorgeous and we’re not upset at all that this trend isn’t going anywhere. After all, it’s our one free pass to go out and buy matching kitchen accessories for the #shelfie. (via Crate and Barrel)


8. Dark, Statement Nurseries: Nurseries have gotten more and more elegant and sophisticated over the past years, but this year saw a spike in really dark wall colors. Deep navy, rich hunter green and dark grays are perfect for a gender neutral nursery and are WAY cooler than the old school baby pink and blue. (via Elke Magazine)


9. Art Ledges: Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE a good gallery wall, but art ledges just make the whole “arranging” thing so darn easy! An art ledge is WAY easier to set up and you can easily swap out seasonal prints without adding another constellation of nail holes to your walls. (via Real Simple)


10. Oversized Wall Art: On the opposite end of the spectrum, really big art took over walls this year. If you want to make some serious impact with color and design, steer away from that gallery wall template and opt for one giant piece of art. Big wall art can make a small space seem grander and help your large space feel more cozy. Win, win. (via House of Jade)


11. Mismatched Dining Sets: The mix and match dining set is a great look. You’ll find it in many different interior styles — Scandinavian, modern, bohemian, etc. — and it’s a very budget-friendly option. Hit up the thrift store and garage sales and start putting your favorites around the table. Everyone’s invited! (via Witness Apartment)


12. Concrete Countertops: Concrete might not seem like a very chic countertop option, but the rougher texture looks especially elegant when paired with matte black knobs, classic subway tiles and open shelving. With its rustic and dramatic vibe, concrete can be paired with dark cabinets for a bold, modern look, or light cabinets to keep things cool and fresh. (via Design Sponge)


13. Layered Rugs: The layered rugs trend just might be the coolest solution to your decor problem. Whether you have an ugly rental floor to cover or you just love a little extra cushiness under your toes, incorporating layered rugs is a surefire way to add depth to your design. (via By Milou)


14. Leaning Mirrors: This was a good year for renters. Forget hanging your mirrors on the wall, just lean it against the wall and call it good. (via Studio McGee)


15. Marble Accents: Marble popped up everywhere this year, and not just in the kitchen. From desk accessories to side tables and candle holders, this chic texture made everything look v fancy. (via Stories)


16. Granny Chic Florals: Remember that floral wallpaper your grandma had? This is not that. Florals came back this year, but in a quirky, colorful way that was fresh, modern and much appreciated. (via Alisa Burke)


17. Circular Statement Mirrors: Oversized round mirrors are a statement piece in every room in the house. They add major chic factor to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. And the round shape just makes the mirror a little extra decorative, especially with a huge variety of frame options. (via A House in the Hills)


18. Hanging Furniture: Maybe it was finding out Kendall Jenner has a hammock in her home. Or maybe it was because there’s a little kid inside all of us that just wants a swing in the living room. Either way, hanging furniture was huge this year and it’s a trend that’s sure to swing right on into the new year. (via Studio Home)


19. Blanket Ladders: Every living room needs a solid collection of throw blankets, but instead of stuffing them in a basket, it’s nice to have a place to display them. Instead of hiding them or losing them to the dreaded “back of the couch slouch,” blanket ladders were here to save the day. (via A Beautiful Mess)


20. Neon Lights: If you haven’t noticed, neon is basically taking over the decor world, which is a-okay by us. Neon signs aren’t just for bars anymore: They come in a wide variety of witty sayings and cute shapes, like moons and hearts and all that goodness. (via Target)


21. Indoor Greenery: Whether you were team #fiddleleaf or you had a trendy snake plant in your home, there’s no denying 2016 was the year of the indoor garden. There were windowsill herb gardens, hanging planters and air plants that required zero care at all. Long live the indoor greenery trend. (via The Jungalow)


22. Moroccan Rugs: From hot pink to understated neutrals, Moroccan patterns led the list of area rugs we all had on our wish lists this year. Whether you layer the colorful one-of-a-kind textiles against a backdrop of neutrals or mix and match to create a look that’s totally unique, Moroccan rugs can help you pull off those decor goals in no time. (via Pink Rug Co.)


23. Black Bathroom Hardware: Copper and gold faucets are lovely, but there’s no denying the edginess that matte black hardware brings to a bathroom. Paired with neutral color palettes and a pop of color, black faucets are the perf option for a modern, minimal space. (via Home Adore)


24. Shibori Patterns: Symbolizing faithfulness, intuition, sincerity and truthfulness, indigo will bring only good vibes to your home. Traditionally called shibori, the art of dying in indigo was a rising trend thanks to pretty watercolor patterns and the plethora of DIY options. (via A Beautiful Mess)

25. Southwestern Decor: If you’re a fan of all-natural, approachable decor that’s full of personality, the Southwestern aesthetic is for you. You can go all out with handmade elements, pretty color palettes like rose quartz pink, antiques and tons of plants — including the uber trendy cactus.


26. Geometric Designs: Cool geo designs aren’t going anywhere. The bold graphic patterns create clean defined lines and a dramatic effect that will make any room an intriguing space, even with a monochromatic color palette. (via Adore Magazine)


27. Fish Scale Tiles: Fish scale tiles pretty much made all our mermaid dreams come true. They showed up in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and showers and were a rad and colorful detour from traditional subway tiles. (via Elle Decor)


28. Letter Boards: If you haven’t noticed, letter boards have been popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram, and they’re not just announcing the menu anymore. Any typography-based decor is a win, and these old-school felt boards are perfect for adding to a gallery wall, using as a party prop or personalizing your breakfast nook. (via My Domaine)


29. Pink Sofas: Pink is the new neutral when it comes to sofas. Seriously, every room with a pink sofa is guaranteed to get some serious love. Whether you jumped for hot pink velvet or blush pink linen, pink couches ruled this year. (via My Domaine)


30. Chunky Knits: You have the Scandinavians to thank for this one: Super chunky knit blankets are trending hard, and they’re a stunning way to instantly cozy up your space. They look stunning casually draped at the foot of the bed, thrown on a colorful couch or even hanging out on a chic blanket ladder. Wondering how to incorporate more texture into your space? This blanket is the answer. (via Oh Eight Oh Nine)


31. Shelves Above the Bed: Floating shelves are basically what your bedroom is missing. Not only are shelves above the bed a game changer for small spaces, but they give you storage without feeling cluttered and add a great dose of visual interest, with or without a headboard. (via Apartment Therapy)


32. Tech-less Living Rooms: A round of applause for anyone who decided to take the leap and embrace a tech-free living space. Not just hidden, but no TV at all. Doesn’t the space just look so much prettier? (via Kelly Elko)


33. Statement Wallpaper: Wallpaper has undoubtedly made a comeback, albeit with a modern makeover. Case in point? This gorg sunny feather pattern in a mod yellow palette. (via A Beautiful Mess)


34. Pegboard Storage: Not just for the garage anymore, pegboards took a stylish turn this year. They turned up everywhere from the bedroom to the closet to the home office, and every time they had us craving a little more organization in our lives. (via Urban Outfitters)


35. Creative Fireplace Displays: If you’re stuck with an unusable fireplace, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck with a gaping hole in the wall. Pinterest is full of ways to make use of that space, whether you want to use it as an indoor garden, fill it up with candles or stack up a pile of color-dipped logs. (via Oh Joy)


And now for a few decor trends that need to be over in 2017…


1. Ultra Modern Furniture: Unless you love the super minimalistic vibe, there is just no reason to have a couch in your living room that isn’t even comfortable. After all, no one wants a numb bum while binging on Netflix. (via My Domaine)


2. Plywood Decor: Again, this might be your most favorite decor texture ever, but for most of us, plywood conjures up images of college days. Oh, and tons of splinters. Go ahead and treat yourself to a coat of gloss or paint and give any plywood pieces a new life. (via Decor8)


3. Copper Light Fixtures: No shade for this classic warm metallic, but it’s been done. Brass has been slowly creeping into the picture, and it might just be cool enough to take over as the hottest metallic on the market. (via Marika Jav)


4. All White Kitchens: An all-white room can sometimes feel like a default setting. True, it’s a classic aesthetic that looks stunning with marble and gold hardware, but white kitchens might be lacking that bit of pizzazz that 2017 kitchens promise to bring us. (via Decoholic)


5. Leafy Wallpapers: There’s no denying this was the year of indoor plant. The banana leaf style was a fun way to pay homage to old school Hollywood glam, but ombre wallpaper and chic patterns might have you papering over those jungle-inspired walls next year. (via Remodelista)


6. Sliding Barn Doors: No offense to sliding barn doors, but not every home is rocking that stable style. If you’re short on space, they are a great DIY, but go with something pretty like this color-dipped door featuring gold hardware. (via Sugar & Cloth)


7. Chalkboard Walls: Let’s be real; how many times this year did you actually use your chalkboard wall? That’s what we thought. It was a fun idea, but it was also kind of messy and there are *so* many other things you could be doing with that accent wall. (via My Domaine)


8. Kitschy Boho Decor: Bohemian style will always hold a special spot in our color-lovin’ hearts, but it also feels like we’ve outgrown the “messy” look. Bid adieu to the chaotic color palettes of the boho aesthetic and go for a more modern effect with a coordinated palette and plenty of neutral textures. (via BHG)


9. Overly Industrial Spaces: Aluminum, rivets, furniture made out of pipes… this style isn’t comfortable, nor is it terribly trendy anymore. Industrial just doesn’t mean “modern” anymore, especially with ’80s decor popping up everywhere and style trends pointing to a return of playful furniture and splashy patterns. (via Little House of Four)


10. Animal Heads: Even fauxidermy seems to have worn out its welcome. Animal lovers, there are plenty of other ways to bring a little furry decor into your home without sacrificing a bit of style. (via The Everygirl)


11. Cheesy Typography Art: Remember when we all went cray over typography art that shared how much we loved glitter, gold and all things travel-inspired? Sorry #notsorry, cheesy quotes, but it’s time to prepare for a new style of positive affirmations. (via Style Me Pretty)


12. Kitchen Home Office: Trust us — we’re no strangers to small-space living, but putting a home office in one of the highest traffic areas of the house just seems like a bad idea. Plus it’s right next to the fridge, and snacks win over emails every time. If you want a productive space, consider ditching the kitchen office and going somewhere quieter, like the living room or bedroom. (via Style at Home)

Over to you! What have been your favorite trends this year? And the ones you hated? Tweet us @BritandCo and make sure to follow us on Pinterest for more deets on all the latest decor trends!