The classic Christmas carol has it right — there really is no place like home for the holidays. Getting together with Mom, Dad and the sibs to sit fireside, eat all the holiday food you can stomach and catch up on sleep is the BEST. Whether you’re planning on taking a road trip or plane ride to your hometown to reunite and family and friends, you know good and well that ain’t nobody got time (or luggage space) for round brushes and five different types of pomade. (Honestly, don’t even pack shampoo.) It’s all about the ease, and you’re gonna rock your natural texture (amped up with dry shampoo) to maximize time with the fam instead of spending it in front of a mirror. Here are 20 hairstyles that require the basics — bobby pins, hair elastics and mom’s hairspray. We dare you to try a new version every day you’re back. (Bonus points if you don’t brush your hair at all.)


1. Hot Toddy Hair: Before you head to the airport, use this tutorial from LC to get cozy girl curls. That way you can leave your curling iron at home (don’t forget to turn it off before you leave) and all you need to throw in your bag is some dry shampoo powder ($5) to add volume and get rid of excess oils to make your style last the entire weekend. (via Lauren Conrad)


2. Simple Holi-‘Do: We can’t say it enough, but second (third, fourth) -day hair is the way to master the #iwokeuplikethis texture. You’ll need a handful of clear elastics and a little bit of elbow grease for this modified French braid crown, but the results are well worth it. (via Twist Me Pretty)


3. Upside Down Braided Bun: Show off your sombre with this inverted braid bun. Get your younger bro or sis to take an Insta of you sippin’ cocoa fireside from the back to collect double taps. That’s a perk of being the older sibling, right? (via Barefoot Blonde)


4. Three Twisted Buns: Do you take time over the holidays for a digital detox? Whether your family’s home simply doesn’t let you get online due to a remote location or you’d rather focus on cracking open a book versus unlocking your phone to refresh your feed, this simple twisted mini-bun ‘do only takes a few minutes for you to get on with your WiFi-free day. (via A Cup of Jo)


5. Twist and Tuck: We know we said all you needed were bobby pins, elastics and a spritz or two of hairspray, but go ahead and throw in a thin headband (or pick one up at the drugstore when you arrive). Our very own beauty guru Misty Spinney shows you how to hack this headband bouffant. (via Brit + Co)


6. Braided Half-Updo: Two braids, a handful of bobby pins and we’re in business for an easy, effortless ‘do that looks like you spent a ton of time on it. We think this will land us on the knotty list, but we’re okay with that. (via Inspired by This)


7. Crisscross Ponytail: See how your first-day cozy-girl curls can transform into even more gorgeous styles throughout the weekend? We are erb-sessed with this twist on a basic low pony. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. Greasy Hair Pony: You could save this style for the airport after all the festivities are done. You’ll be asleep on your trip back, anyway — no reason to get gussied up for the return flight. (via Barefoot Blonde)


9. Gibson Roll: Twist, tuck and pin — does it get any easier (or prettier) than that? We don’t think so. (via A Cup of Jo)


10. Put a Bow on It: Repurpose a traditional gift topper to take a messy half updo to the next level. Voila, you’ve got a holiday ‘do. (via Lilly Unique)


11. Twist and Pull Apart: An extended weekend off from work means more time on your hands, which is perfect for trying all the styles you’ve been wanting to do to your ‘do all season long. This spectacular braid combines multiple techniques to achieve its ultimate messy gal look. We’re gonna rock this funky style with a tacky Christmas sweater, natch. (via Barefoot Blonde)


12. The Ultimate Bed Head: Before you head downstairs to unwrap all of Santa’s offerings, you’ll want to do a little bit (the tiniest bit, we promise) of backcombing and hair flipping to achieve the perfect “I just rolled out of bed” hair. Just think of all the Instas… there will be Instas. (via Free People Blog)


13. Messy Braided Crown: Short-haired gals can rock a braid crown, too. Plait your strands back so you can bake dozens of holiday cookies to enjoy with a cup of cocoa. (via The Wonder Forest)


14. Short Hair Updo: When you get the call for a mini-reunion with high school buds at a local bar, you’ll want to show up done up without seeming like you tried too hard. (These people knew you at your most awkward, remember?) A mini-bump into a low bun with a few face-framing tendrils lets you sport a pair of stunning statement earrings to top off the look. (via Camille Styles)


15. Messy Ballerina Bun: Or you could rock the long-haired gal version of the twist and tuck style. Natural texture FTW. (via The Small Things Blog)


16. Double Waterfall Braid: We keep staring at this lovely cascade style in awe, and thankfully there’s a tutorial that tells us how it’s done. (via A Beautiful Mess)


17. Perfectly Tousled: If barrel curls aren’t your thing, try this tousled wave tutorial to get the surfer-gal (or snow bunny) look. (via Byrdie)


18. The Messiest of Buns: A bit of teasing never hurt anyone. Get this va-va-voluminous low bun that looks red-carpet ready for down home style. (via The Small Things Blog)


19. Braided Top Bun: Take your top bun up a notch by braiding it before you place it atop your head. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. (via A Cup of Jo)


20. Boho Knot Braid: Nothing like two bands of micro-braids tied in a knot to get us excited about all the gifts under the tree. Reminds us that there are only a couple weeks left until we get to see what’s underneath all that wrapping paper. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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