Summer Fridays are here! So there’s no better time to get your home office organized and ready. Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up everything from chic bookshelves to beautiful bulletin boards so you can finally give your workspace the storage AND style you’ve been looking for. Scroll down to preview all the fab inspo that’ll have you wanting to WFH every day of the week!

1. Practical and Pretty: Shelve work essentials (think: folders, files, and notebooks) with fun decorative accents in a setup that feels like storage but definitely doesn’t look like it. (via Pizzazzerie)

2. Have It Pegged: When your office consists of a desk and not much else, use a pegboard backsplash for extra space to store your things. From clipboards with work docs to caddies filled with pens and pencils, the organizational opportunities are endless. (via One Crazy House)

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Cork: If you love an IRL pinboard, the cork wall was made for Y-O-U. It can keep all your fave things showcased in plain sight, inspiring you as you go. (via Boho Chic Style)

4. Ombre Organization: File paperwork in a multi-colored receptacle that doesn’t look like much of an eye sore — even if the work itself is. Bonus points for beautiful labels! (via Punched Clocks)

5. Clever Catch-all: If you don’t have the space to keep items tucked away, tote them loud and proud. This “Get It” pegboard carries all the sentiments to keep you motivated during the day, while also working double to pin loose items down. (via Lovely Indeed)

6. Chic Accessories: Why put it away when it deserves to be flaunted? Stock up on Kate Spade New York-inspired accessories that are made to be left out in the open. (via 11 Magnolia Lane)

7. Matchy-Matchy: Corral items in a similar palette for a more structured look. This DIY confetti clock is a great starting point for your multi-colored collection. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

8. Bookshelf Backup: Investing in a solid set of built-ins is the best way to account for future organizational needs. If you’re a lucky individual who already has these, dress them up with trinkets in a fun color scheme. It’s a bonus if the accents double as storage themselves! (via Lemon Stripes)

9. Keep It Fashionable: Incorporate your fashion sense into your workday. Stack your fave purchases on shelves to inspire your best work. Plus, the solution is just one more excuse to invest in some extra shoes. (via Domino)

10. Hideaway: House your work life away from the rest of your living space with a sliding door. You can keep your area quiet while concealing away any unsightly messes — now that’s what we call a decorating win-win. (via House of Turquoise )

11. Do-It-All Board: This wall addition does it all. Between scheduling meetings, filing paperwork, and keeping notes top of mind, the next question you should be asking is, “Can I add one to every room?” (via Martha Stewart)

12. IKEA Hack: With some pretty paint and a little primer, a simple IKEA Utility Cart ($25) becomes a multi-use storage system. We’ll take three, please!

13. Minimalist Magic: Minimalist decor helps keep things looking neat and tidy, without any *actual* cleanup involved. Now if only your latest work project was that easy… (via The Everygirl)

14. Movable Office: Typically used for the toolshed, this cart can be transitioned into a functional office unit that moves with you as you go. It can also be personalized in a variety of colors and accents to perfectly complement the place that makes you, YOU. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

15. Multifunctional: Secure your magazines to the wall for a low-cost way to dress up the place. Now you can save some much-needed drawer space *and* have a pretty display. (via Apartment Therapy)

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