Picture this: Your BFF鈥檚 wedding is right around the corner, and in lieu of a wedding registry, the happy couple is asking for good, old-fashioned cash. Sure, you have a wedding-guest budget in place, but after travel expenses, celebrity-approved outfits, and pre-ceremony cocktails, you鈥檙e still not sure what to shell out and when. Enter Jeff Beil and Spencer Bagley, co-founders of alternative registry site Tendr, which allows you to easily give and receive cash gifts. They shared six tips on how to give cash as a wedding gift in any situation. Grab a pen and a notepad, and scroll down to get the full wisdom on what to spend.

1. Use what you would budget for a registry gift as a guideline. 鈥淭his is a great place to start since you can figure out the general range you feel comfortable giving,鈥 says Beil. 鈥淓ven when you want to give money, this allows you to find that sweet spot of how much.鈥

2. Check out what the average amount is where you live. 鈥淪ometimes knowing your neighbor鈥檚 answer isn鈥檛 cheating,鈥 says Bagley. 鈥淟ooking at the state-by-state guide can give you an idea of how much folks in your area are, on average, giving as a gift.鈥

3. Consider your level of closeness. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e going to someone鈥檚 wedding, you have some kind of relationship. But that does not a BFF make,鈥 explains Beil. 鈥淚t鈥檚 perfectly reasonable to give less to people who you don鈥檛 know as well or don鈥檛 see very often and give more generously to those you鈥檙e especially close with.鈥

4. Take your travel budget into account. 鈥淲hen you travel for someone鈥檚 wedding, you鈥檙e already spending more than you would on a wedding in town. You can鈥檛 put a price on love, but you can take travel costs into consideration when deciding how much to give as a gift,鈥 says Bagley.

5. Think about how many gifts you鈥檒l be giving a couple. 鈥淲ith all the pre-wedding parties you may attend for any given wedding, you could end up giving multiple gifts to the same couple. If this is the case, determine how much you鈥檇 like to give in total to the couple, then divide that over the different events,鈥 explains Beil.

6. Plan ahead if you have multiple weddings in a season. If you have more than one wedding to attend, 鈥淭ake a half hour and go through how much you鈥檇 like to give ahead of time,鈥 Bagley says. 鈥淏y planning out your gifts, you鈥檒l be able to make decisions with your heart and mind instead of scrambling at the last minute to figure out all the details.鈥

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