I’m going to tell you a sad but true story: Last week, I opened my bathroom cabinet and one of my face serums literally fell right into the toilet. It was like serum suicide — it was just too cramped alongside the tons of other products it shared that small space with. Couldn’t take it. That’s how many products I have — but, according to a new study from Stowaway and Poshly, I am not alone in having a, shall we say, healthy stash of products in my beauty arsenal.


Over 4,000 women in the US were surveyed about how much makeup they own, and honestly, the results were a bit surprising: the average came out to 40 cosmetic products each! That’s a lot of products, y’all. Those women use about five of those products each day, which is also surprising compared with the total average of owning 40. Some of the ladies surveyed were likely skincare junkies who used different creams, serums or scrubs each day while others could have been full-fledged beauty babes, using different makeup products depending on where they were going + what they were doing.

If you ask us, the number of products you own doesn’t realllly matter as long as you’re actually using those products (and not wasting precious space on an expired stash). Some girls multi-mask weekly, use their contour kit daily and have a bag of different day-to-night products for every day of the week. Other girls swipe the same tinted moisturizer on their face every am and tote a two-in-one wonder with them wherever they go. The key is to figure out what your daily product staple items are.

Here’s our cheat sheet in case you are caught up in that summer-to-fall transition: Starting with skincare, you should have an effective face wash, makeup remover, exfoliant and day + night moisturizer — beautiful makeup begins with good skin! When it comes to makeup, a foundation, concealer, blush, brow product and mascara are must-haves, if you ask me. If you start with the basics, you can easily build more products into your routine from there (and plan for the proper storage necessary so your favorite ones don’t fall from that overstuffed top shelf).

How many makeup products do *you* own? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(h/t Byrdie)