Science tells us that keeping in touch with our besties is imperative to our well-being. Not that we need a reminder — we love our squad to pieces! But rounding up the troops for a girlfriend’s getaway can be tricky, especially when some of your recent-grad girls are in financial planning mode and can’t afford to spend serious dough on a vacation. Thankfully, with a little pre-planning and creative thinking, an affordably luxe Miami holiday is totally within your reach! Fire up that group text: You’re heading to South Beach.

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Use all the cheap airfare hacks you can get. Set a price alert right away and book your flight mid-week and about 50 days in advance for the best rates. It’s the sweet spot where the over-planners have already booked their flights and the procrastinators haven’t even thought about their trip yet. Right now you can nab a direct weekend flight to Miami from NYC for the end of September for around $80 roundtrip. BRB, jumping on that ticket!



The Freehand Miami is a traditional hostel, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at it. It’s got a rustic Americana feel that is perfectly comfortable and luxe at the same time. A private, four-person room with a private bathroom comes in at just $96 a night. Once you’ve checked in, head downstairs to check out the Broken Shaker, the hostel’s own outdoor speakeasy. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, wait to book your rooms a week out on a travel app like HotelTonight. Right now, you can score a room in a super legit hotel for $65 a night! (Photo via Freehand Miami)

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Thankfully, the beach is 100 percent free, and isn’t that the point of heading to Miami in the first place? If you and your gals get tired of the surf and sand, you’re in luck. Miami is a culture-rich city with no shortage of fun, free and affordable artsy options. The Perez Art Museum has free admission every first Thursday of the month, with a happy hour and DJ on the terrace to boot. The Wynwood Art District is home to dozens of art galleries, restaurants and shops that won’t set you back a penny, unless you decide to buy your first piece of art while you’re there! Check out the Miami New Times for daily cultural events, or better yet, ask a bartender or server what they like to do for fun.

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Never, ever eat in South Beach if you’re on a budget. Like, ever. Not only are South Beach restaurants notoriously overpriced, they’re also disappointingly underwhelming. Grab a gang of City Bikes and head over the bridge to Miami City (vs. Miami Beach) for your meals. Not only is the food cheaper, but you’ll get a major dose of local flavor (literally). We love Harry’s Pizza for (duh) pizza, La Camaronera for shrimp tacos, La Sandwicherie for lunch, My Ceviche for fresh and healthy bowls and Beaker and Gray for tapas and a swanky atmosphere. (Photo via Beaker and Gray)



With all our budget options out there, remember: You’re in Miami! So make sure you pick a splurge night and indulge in a little Miami nightlife. We’re major fans of the Delano hotel, with its Alice in Wonderland-meets-Kourtney-Kardashian design aesthetic, but we definitely can’t afford the $400+ rooms. Instead, head over to the pool bar on Tuesday nights when they have a chilled-out DJ remixing vintage Jennifer Lopez for a très Miami vibe. Go ahead and share that $80 bottle of wine — but cap yourself there. The atmosphere is intoxicating enough. (Photo via Delano)

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