If you’re used to “opening day” meaning a boring old ribbon-cutting with a not-so-boring pair of giant scissors, we’ve got news for you. An IKEA store in France has upped their game with local communications agency ubi bene to throw one of the coolest opening events ever. Maybe that’s not surprising coming from the company that hosted slumber parties in their stores. The agency created a huge vertical mock apartment that’s actually a working climbing wall.

We love our IKEA hacks, but this time it was the store doing the hacking. The 30-foot-high climbing wall was part of a four-day opening event at the Clermont-Ferrand store, where participants could scale the wall and scramble over mounted Scandinavian furniture, bright pink dressers and bookshelves on their way to the top. There are even a couple of living room-inspired rest stops for taking a break, like the hanging swing chairs (are those available for purchase?!).

“As Clermont-Ferrand is a sporty city, IKEA wanted to give to the inhabitants an event that perfectly suits their needs,” said Vanessa Vannier from ubi bene in an interview with Business Insider. Guess we have to start hiring personal trainers for our own cities so we can get one of these the next time an IKEA moves into town. Start shaping up now, guys!

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