IKEA already blew us away this month by revealing their newest collabs at Democratic Design Days, but the wonderful world of IKEA may soon be even MORE amazing — and more accessible. While there’s nothing *official* yet, Reuters reports that everyone’s favorite Swedish home store may soon offer products on Amazon! Yes, you can still get one of those massive blue shopping bags. No, you can’t binge on meatballs while you shop — but you will be able to “add to cart” and not worry about whether or not that KALLAX piece will actually fit in your car.

#Realtalk, IKEA and Amazon kinda go together like PB&J. From shelving and lamps to potted plants and furniture, Amazon and that magical two-day shipping will make budget home decor SO much easier. You can actually find a small selection of IKEA stuff on Amazon now, but IKEA has stated that they won’t begin testing out major partnerships with online shopping platforms until sometime in 2018.

Obvs, this is a huge win for anyone who wants to buy furniture from IKEA, but doesn’t live near a store or want to pay the massive shipping fees. In the interview with Reuters, IKEA Group Chief Executive Torbjorn Loof refused to say exactly which retailers IKEA will be partnering with, but Amazon def seems like the most logical place to test it out. Prime shipping on an incredible dining room table?! Uh, yes, please.

Here’s to hoping next year we’ll be able to buy all the Scandi-chic decor we want without risking our relationships or braving the IKEA parking lot!

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(Photos via IKEA)