The secret鈥檚 out: We love a good selfie. Every once in a while you just gotta do it. Whether they鈥檙e woke-up-like-this makeup-free snaps or glam photos that celebrate your fresh-to-death eyeliner, a selfie isn鈥檛 just a confidence booster, but also a statement to the world that you鈥檙e embracing your own unique beauty. But if the endless row of Instagram filters leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, then we suggest choosing one filter and really owning it. Need a little inspiration for picking your signature selfie filter? We say, when in doubt, look to the stars.


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1. Lo-Fi: Virgos are self-proclaimed perfectionists who pay attention to detail and never miss a beat. The Lo-Fi filter picks up on the details by boosting saturation and shadows, and in turn, the overall look is more precise. (AKA your selfie game will be on point.)


Wet beachy glam last night #vmas

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2. Nashville: The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, who is a lover of all things beautiful and harmonious. The pinch of pink in the Nashville filter hints at a Libra鈥檚 tendency to look at the world with rose-colored glasses. It also gives off a warm and cozy vibe that鈥檚 oh-so Libra.


Day 1. Coachella. Coral Cat. @cleowade @covergirl #katykatmatte 馃拕

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3. Dogpatch: Both passionate and assertive, Scorpios never back down from a little drama, and that鈥檚 just what this filter delivers. It ups the contrast in your photo, which can take the average selfie from 鈥渇eelin鈥 fine鈥 to 鈥渦m, whoa, that鈥檚 good.鈥


saturdazzzzze r the fuckin best

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4. Rise: For a Sagittarius, wanderlust isn鈥檛 just a daydream 鈥 it鈥檚 a lifestyle. These curious minds love to travel more than anything and never stay in one place too long. The Rise filter gives off a subtle sun-kissed glow, with a hint of just-got-back-from-a-tropical-vacay attitude.


5. Crema: Practical and pragmatic, down-to-earth Capricorns don鈥檛 just value tradition 鈥 they live it. From a tried-and-true red lip to an always-chic pair of black pumps, they never underestimate the power of a classic. The vintage-inspired Crema filter falls right in line, since it鈥檚 a total throwback to the good ol鈥 days.


6. Clarendon + Luxe: An Aquarius likes to play by their own rules. They鈥檙e total visionaries, so you can always count on them for clever household hacks or killer ideas for an app. The blue-ish glaze of the Clarendon filter is a great go-to, but the always-independent Aquarius will enjoy taking the time to tinker with the Luxe filter as well to really make the colors shine.


All set for the met ball.

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7. Aden: Welcome to the hopeless romantics club. A Pisces knows a work of art when they see one, from Monet鈥檚 Water Lilies to a perfectly applied cat eye. The Aden filter will soften self-portraits and subtly blur out skin鈥檚 imperfections, which makes it the ideal fit for a dreamy selfie captioned with a quote by Rumi.


8. Toaster: This fire sign is courageous, determined and unabashedly confident. It鈥檚 the first sign of the Zodiac, so an Aries always knows how to make an entrance. As one of the OG filters, Toaster gives a golden spotlight to the center of the photo and adds a wash of warmth to any snap. Don鈥檛 ever let anyone dull your fire, Aries!


Headed to @mechanic premiere! 馃拫馃拑馃徑

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9. Walden: You know that one reliable friend in your group, the one that never flakes out five minutes before you鈥檙e supposed to meet up? Chances are, she鈥檚 a Taurus. She鈥檚 reliable, devoted and cool as ice even during the most stressful situations. The Walden filter adds a layer of a frosty blue tint to your selfies and adds extra oomph to neutral-toned makeup. The result gives off an undeniably cool vibe, just like this earth sign.


10. Willow: Geminis are thoughtful and artistic, and have no problem rolling with the punches. However, they鈥檙e also notoriously indecisive. The Willow filter delivers the best of both worlds. It strikes a sepia-toned balance between a full-color and black-and-white photograph. Willow adds instant chic to any look and gives the skin an almost airbrushed quality.



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11. Mayfair: Highly sentimental and incredibly caring, Cancers are total BFF material. They would do anything for their friends and family above all, from never forgetting a birthday to planning an entire Pinterest-worthy bridal shower. The Mayfair filter is as warm as a Cancer鈥檚 personality and adds a subtle glow to the heart of the photograph.


Happy Saturday everyone. #spreadlove #lovemaketheworldgoround

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12. Juno: Natural-born leaders like Leos need a filter to suit their strong personalities. The Juno filter cranks up the intensity of colors, specifically red, yellows and oranges. The result is a portrait that pops as much as Leo鈥檚 personality does.

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