It鈥檚 been called matzo brittle, matzo bark, matzo toffee, matzo crackers, and even matzo CRACK 鈥 because it鈥檚 just *that* addicting. Whatever you call it at your house, chances are you鈥檙e drooling over it right now, when everyone鈥檚 got Kosher-for-Passover treats on the brain. Made from matzo, plus the fixin鈥檚 of your choice, matzo brittle is a lot like its non-kosher cousin candied saltines. Riffs abound, from adding crushed-up candies, dried fruit, coconut, nuts, and drizzles of white or dark chocolate and caramel, but you鈥檝e never seen it quite like this before! Here are 14 matzo brittle makers who will have you jonesing for a bite.

1. Rainbow Bright Matzo: If you鈥檙e into the fabu rainbow foods trend, you鈥檒l LOVE this version of matzo crack.

Birthday cake matzah crack 馃挜馃巶馃崿

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2. Birthday Cake Matzo: Uh-oh, someone鈥檚 matzo fell into the chocolate dunkaroos dip. Better eat the evidence.

3. Unicorn Matzo: It was only a matter of time before some enterprising foodie added the unicorn trend into the matzo crack mix.

4. Kitchen Sink Matzah: Slabs of matzo, covered in toffee and chocolate, then topped with nuts and craisins and drizzled in white chocolate 鈥 flat bread never tasted so good.

5. Coco-Crazy Matzo: If you love Mounds candy bars, you鈥檒l dig this matzo. That鈥檚 coconut meat and coconut flake adding ooey-gooey goodness.

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6. Pistachio Power Matzo: Nut lovers will go squirrelly over this double-nut version.

7. S鈥檓ores Matzo: Just when you thought it couldn鈥檛 get any more crazy 鈥 or delicious 鈥 it鈥檚 everyone鈥檚 fave campfire treat meets matzo.

8. Matzo Memories: Remember when you were a kid and they had to make you eat matzo? Fast forward to today鈥檚 version with a bit of chocolate and nuts, and they almost have to make you STOP.

9. Matzo Stash: This stuff goes so fast, you鈥檇 better make a double batch and stash yours away someplace secret.

10. Salt & Sweet Matzo: Want to take this year鈥檚 matzo to the next level? Try it with dark chocolate and just a sprinkle of sea salt. That salt-sweet combo hits 鈥檈m 鈥 pow 鈥 right in the taste buds.

11. Double-Chocolate Matzo: Chocolate lovers, prepare to meet your new matzo addiction! This decadent version features two kinds of chocolate, plus chopped pecans that pair so well with the crunchy toffee.

12. Healthier Matzo Brittle: This recipe calls for whole wheat matzo and Himalayan pink salt. Guilt-free goodies for the win!

Made this for Thanksgiving last week. Chocolate covered matzo aka #matzocrack

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13. Almond Joy: Boasting the thinnest slivers of almonds and a light touch with the chocolate, this matzo is the epitome of crispy-crunchy deliciousness.

14. Peanut-Buttery Matzo: Peanut butter lovers, this one鈥檚 for you. If a Reese鈥檚 peanut butter cup and matzo had a baby, it would look like this.

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