Say goodbye to cluttery, single-use kitchen appliances and hello to fresh counter space. There’s a new soup-cooking, smoothie-making Instant Pot product in town that functions as six gadgets in one: the Ace 60 Cooking Blender ($99), available exclusively at Walmart starting September 23.

Instant Pot, which started a pressure-cooking craze with its versatile multi-cookers, is broadening its product offerings as of late; last week, the company launched a line of Pioneer Woman Instant Pots ($99). The latest in the line-up is the Ace 60 Cooking Blender, which both heats and blends food like a Vitamix does (but for less than half the price).

How does it work? The cooking blender’s base shows both temperature and cooking time and has eight different pre-set buttons. If you want to make a smooth soup from whole vegetables, for example, there’s no need to cook the soup in a pot and then transfer it to the blender. Just put the ingredients in the body of the blender — made of durable glass — and use the Soup button to cook them and the Purée button to smooth them out. There’s a tamper to help push food closer to the blades.

The gadget also makes classic blended items, like smoothies and slushes, at 23,000 rotations per minute at a low volume, so you’ll get your green juice fast and without a deafening roar. Moreover, that powerful motor means you can put bananas for nice cream or nuts for homemade nut butter directly into the blender — no food processor necessary. Finally, the device comes with settings for soy, oat, rice, and nut milks, plus a straining bag, so you can make your favorite dairy alternatives at home. Not too shabby for an appliance that takes up less than a foot of counter space.

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(Photos via Instant Pot)