Accidents requiring some Neosporin and a Band-Aid can happen every once in a while in the lives of homemakers. There’s only so many injury-free projects that can be completed before a boo-boo occurs, tbqh. And when an accident does take place, it’s impossible to find Band-Aids that not only help our paper cuts heal, but also compliment our outfits too — amirite, ladies? Jenna Lyons must know the struggle, because J.Crew recently launched a stylish new collab in the adhesive department.

These boo-boo coverups are detailed in geometric patterns and playful phrases that will leave you feeling like your bandage isn’t bringing your style game down. Available in two styles — J.Crew for the adults and Crewcuts for the kids — at a budget-friendly $5 each, we might just get a little more reckless.


This newest J.Crew collab adds to an already impressive list that includes 4-year-old Mayhem’s upcoming Crewcuts line, fragrances by Arquiste, Paperless Post stationery and a jewelry collection with Brooklyn-based Catbird. We are itching (not our boo-boos) for all of the exciting partnerships the clothing company will put out in 2015.


Are you running to J.Crew to pick up a box (or several) of these fashionable Band-Aids? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Allure)