From sheet masks that look like something straight out of a horror movie to smearing *ahem* rendered beef fat on your face (what!), skincare trends have gotten a little crazy as of late. So part of us was relieved to learn that the latest buzzing skincare move was something that didn’t require nerves of steel (or at least, wasn’t something that would *totally* freak out your roommates). In fact, it’s actually pretty, well, pretty, and looks reeeeally soothing. We’re talking about jade rolling.


This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means: Jade has been around for 7,000 years and is revered in Eastern cultures the way diamonds are in the West. Unlike diamonds, however, the stone itself is said to contain healing properties that can help your skin as well as vital minerals and a steady energy that complement human wavelengths, resulting in some pretty great improvements beyond the beauty realm too.


Jade-rolling fanatics claim that the process can help you reduce facial inflammation, drain toxins and increase blood flow, not to mention calm nerves and strengthen your immunity… just to name a few! And the best part about it might be that it’s so easy to do. Once you have a roller with an attachment in your hand (we like this one that comes with a beginner’s guide + facial serum), all you need to do is gently roll it across the areas that need some attention, no intense pressure needed. We’re envisioning this being a great way to unwind after a stressful day — its a five-minute beauty hack you can easily add to your before-bed routine, or even keep near the bathtub to productively (and luxuriously) pass the time. Want more instruction? We found three YouTubers who can help you out.

1. Blusher and Blogging: The very adorable Brit beauty vlogger Susie Amy reviews the Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller and suggests that for best results, you should roll outwards across the face and up the neck. She also recommends putting it in the fridge and rolling the cooled jade across the back of your neck if you’re hungover. Genius!

2. YingYuJade: Could jade rolling be as affective as Botox? This user claims it gets the job done for her on areas of her face that matter most, like the forehead and under the eyes, which might be the reason this video has almost 30,000 views.

3. Dan Cohen: This Studio City, California practice provides holistic health care, including using jade rolling to specifically help with lymphatic drainage. For their in-office treatments, they start around the lymphatic nodes, specifically the collar bone and the area by the ears. It’s an add -n we won’t hesitate to ask for the next time we get a massage.

Have you tried jade rolling? Tell us in the comments!