You’ve probably heard countless times just how dirty your cell phone really is. If you think about it, that makes sense, considering it hardly ever leaves your hands. You’ve likely used it while eating AND on the toilet (hey, we know), and you probably don’t clean your smartphone as much as you should. Sure, there are a few ways to clean it, including rubbing alcohol towelettes (+ our personal fave — Phonesoap!), but the truth is most phones simply aren’t up for a good scrubbing. Until now.


Japanese tech company Kyocera’s new Digno Rafre smartphone isn’t just waterproof — it’s actually scrub-proof and soap-proof as well. No need to carry around those little packets of towelettes anymore. When users of this phone start feeling like their cell is getting grimy, they can just run it under a faucet for a minute and use soap (even ordinary hand soap, according to Kyocera!) and a soft cloth to dry. You can bring the phone into the bath with you for short periods of time — so long as the water temp is lower than 110 degree Fahrenheit, which is, um, easily done. Once you get out, just shake the device to get rid of excess water.

Oh yeah, and possibly one of the coolest features of this phone is that it’s coated in a self-healing paint that will heal itself from shallow scratches. This tech be cray.

Raise your hands if you’re going to go clean your phone now.

Check out the whole video below!

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