Jennifer Lawrence is notorious for her antics both on the red carpet and off. She famously fell in her gorgeous Dior gown on her way up to receive her Academy Award in possibly the most graceful fall in the history of time — though some of her other trips have been less, ahem, elegant. Recently, she’s been making the rounds promoting the last film in The Hunger Games series and admits the clumsiness continues. “I fell in every single city on the press tour,” she said. “I fell ’round the world.” You would think that we have already witnessed the most “embarrassing” (psh, more like relatable) moments in J. Law’s career, but last night the actress went on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to tell not one, but two of her most embarrassing stories ever. And yeah, they do in fact make falling on national TV seem like NBD.

Jennifer Lawrence Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 actress says she has never talked about these two stories before because they were “so genuinely embarrassing,” but she felt prepared to share them now because “the statute of limitations on humiliations is up.” The first story happened at an afterparty for Silver Linings Playbook around award show season when she was approached by an older woman who complimented her performance. J. Law mistook the woman to be Elizabeth Taylor — Jennifer didn’t realize Liz Taylor had already passed away at that time — and began complimenting her right back. Then Jen’s pal walked by and Jen was like, “Oh man, this is Elizabeth Taylor!” To which her friend responded, “Uh, no it’s not.” LOLOLOL.

Her second tale is equally, if not more, mortifying — and she choked on her phlegm telling it. J. Law was in Paris at a restaurant in a chic Tom Ford dress when she spotted Francis Ford Coppola dining with his #squad in the same spot. She decided to walk over there — barefoot, of course — to introduce herself. What she forgot, however, was that she had left the back of her dress unzipped and therefore, after she turned around to walk away, her entire backside + underwear was on display for The Godfather director to see. Now THAT is a true *crawl into hole and hide forever* moment that beats any time your thong was hanging out of your pants.

Jennifer Lawrence Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Later in the show, J.Law and Jimmy Fallon “starred” in a three-part dance infomercial called “Come Dance With Us!” Jennifer definitely doesn’t embarrass easily — and for that we’re grateful.

Check out the full interview below.

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