One peek at our desk and you’re sure to spot at least one pad of Post-its. In fact, the handy stickies seem to end up in every spare drawer. They’re useful, sure, but who knew they could be so fun to play with? Whether you’re getting organized in style or are dreaming of your next art project, here are 11 Pin-worthy DIYs that’ll have you channeling Romy and Michelle.

1. Wall Art: Brighten up any space in your home with a pop of Post-it color. You can get as detailed or as simple as you’d like with your design, but the resulting image will look pixel-perfect. (via MSNBL)

2. Customizable Calendar: Drop everything and put up this wall calendar! It’s a frugal and super-easy way to stay organized. Even better, you can color-coordinate it with your office décor. Smart! (viaMartha Stewart)

3. Pinwheel: A short jaunt to your local craft store and a few Post-its are all you need to pull this off! (via Smart Schoolhouse)

4. Map: We are in awe of this world map! Break up a busy workday, and start planning all of your dream vacations with the help of a few sticky notes. (via Design for Mankind)

5. Heart Piñata: Master the ideal piñata with a few pads of Post-its from your desk. (viaBrooklyn Bride)

6. Get Avant Garde: Here’s one way to beat the heat! Bring winter into your home with a bunch of white stickies. (We feel cooler already.) (via Adrian Merz)

7. Decorations: You don’t need to wait for the next holiday to great some decorative ornaments for your space. Here’s a DIY that serves as a simple solution to décor dilemmas. (viaA Subtle Revelry)

8. Party Décor: Got a party? We’ve got a plan — a plan involving Post-its. Let this simple backdrop double as a memory wall. Provide a few pads of stickies just so friends can leave notes. (viaMartha Stewart)

9. Party Decorations: Bright idea: Post-its for party decor. Someone’s eyes will definitely light up when they spot this super-sized birthday backdrop. (via100 Layer Cake-let)

10. To Do List: Organization never looked so good. (viaThe Freckled Nest)

11. Photo Booth Backdrop: Show your love with Post-it notes. This backdrop is functional and just plain fun. (via Bird’s Party Blog)

Bonus: Prom: Need a prom night date? A little prompting with the help of the humble Post-it might just persuade the girl or boy of your dreams to say, “Yes!” This tactic could come in handy for April Fool’s Day, wedding getaway cars and 30th birthday celebrations as well. (viaPost-it)

How do you plan to play with your Post-it Notes? Fill us in below!