Kanye certainly isn鈥檛 afraid to speak his mind (to say the least), which is why we shouldn鈥檛 be surprised by now that he鈥檚 willing to step up on stage and say whatever pleases him. Unfortunately, this time around, what he had to say has seriously set folks OFF. Why鈥檚 that? Well, it was all about Trump.

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Fans were already a little on edge after Kanye arrived late to his San Jose stop for his Saint Pablo tour last night. But when he decided to jump onto the subject of politics, he opted to just leap right off a cliff. Not only admitting that he didn鈥檛 bother to vote, he also claims that if he did, he would have voted for Trump.

Concert goers were not thrilled to hear this, and booed Yeezy as he continued on to say, 鈥淪pecifically to black people, stop focusing on racism鈥 we are in a racist country. Period鈥 not one or the other candidate was going to instantly change that.鈥 Those in attendance weren鈥檛 the only ones peeved at this stance. The internet is on fire over Kanye鈥檚 statements.

Some people feel like he鈥檚 totally off, and they鈥檙e done with him鈥


While others think it鈥檚 political鈥

Although that plan may backfire鈥

And some think it鈥檚 just for the attention鈥

Note: Some of the tweets are super rage-filled and just too, um, fired-up to include. Seriously, yowza!

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